Crochet Heart Pattern on Dress


Ruffled Anne Crochet Blouse with a beautiful style leaving the piece very delicate and feminine and with a touch of romanticism. Perfect for the hottest days and informal events. The ruffles of this beautiful blouse have a perfect fit with a light uniform and symmetrical pucker that gives a very special touch to this beautiful crochet piece and that gives us an all romantic air.

A beautiful blouse that is simple to make, just follow the tutorial carefully. The blouse is perfect for women who like a special touch and is also a great piece to sell, because it will surely delight your customers with the result.


Enjoy the summer to increase your income from craft products using your art. Crochet Heart Pattern on Dress to make the most of the hottest time of the year.


Always elegantly dressed and stylish and even for everyday work. The coat is a very useful piece and is also a classic of the female wardrobe. A delicate and charming piece that can be made in various colors always matching your wardrobe.

A wonderful and well crafted piece that shows the full potential of the crochet technique to make different and stylish pieces. It is always very important to prepare for the seasons with handmade pieces as appropriate for each temperature. A blouse charm that will make up your wardrobe for the hottest days.

A beautiful blouse model with gorgeous details and a crochet stitch that adds value to the work, the color is just a suggestion a neutral color like white, black and gray can combine with various compositions. And it can be an option for sales your customers are sure to be delighted with this well crafted and very delicate piece.

Beautiful pink blouse that is very feminine and looks good with any clothes, jeans, skirt, leggings etc. An important piece to have in your wardrobe on colder days and can be a great choice for sales.

Yarn Weight(3) Light/DK (21-24 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge: Gauge is not important.

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