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You don’t have to own a house to know that the energy bill is one of the highest on a household budget, right? What few people know is that there are ways to spend less energy by choosing specific equipment or even taking certain actions on a daily basis. To help you save on your electricity bill, we’ve brought you some recommendations that help you save electricity and a beautiful Crochet Event Horizon tutorial for you to learn how to make. Check out! 1 Pay attention to the type of lamp used.

Incandescent lamps usually use four times more energy than fluorescent lamps. That’s because it is characterized by converting energy into light and heat, which makes you consume more, and is one of the main reasons why your energy bill is so high. Although they are cheaper, only 5% of the energy generated is converted into light. The remaining 95% is transformed into heat, which explains the great waste they generate.


On the other hand, fluorescent lamps have in their composition a small amount of mercury, a toxic element that is harmful to man and nature. So, when disposing of it, be sure to do the correct recycling so that there is no problem.

LED lamps are more expensive, but they usually last longer, do not contain mercury and do not attract insects.


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Event Horizon Pattern

2 Bet on portable lighting. The second tip is to use portable lamps, such as lamps and lamps, to avoid turning on the lights of the whole house. Focus on environments with greater circulation and invest in spot lighting for them, such as the corridor and stairs that leave the places that need it most. In addition to the decorative effect, there is considerable energy savings, as it will not be necessary to turn on the light in the room to access the corridor, for example.

3 Look for natural lighting. Another way to save money is to use ways to enjoy sunlight longer. There are architectural strategies for this that must be thought of when building the house so pay attention to that. Use light colors. The lighter the color used on the walls, the less electric lighting will be used in these environments. The white color, for example, is the one that retains the least heat, which favors less use of air conditioning or fans.

Glass windows and doors. Another alternative is to invest in glass products, to make the most of the light that comes from outside the house, and believe me, they help a lot. If necessary, use light colored curtains to soften the sun’s reflection. Sunroof. Choose an environment that you consider dark in the house and make a glass roof. The place will be lit with natural lights and the electricity ends up being in the background, which makes all the difference at the end of the month.

4 Do not waste energy. Turn off the lights whenever you are not using the environment, so you save energy. This is also true for equipment such as TV and computer, turn them off completely if you go to sleep or if you are not going to use them anymore. Did you like the tips? Now just put them into practice and see the positive result on the energy bill!

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