Doily Alice Free Crochet Pattern


Reclining chairs, also known as daddy’s armchair, are those ideal furniture for those who want to bring maximum comfort into the home. Found in different materials such as suede, chenille and leather recliner, this model of armchair can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and offices, everything depends on your needs and objectives for the environment. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Doily Alice.

Many people wonder which is the best recliner and in fact there is no right answer, after all, each house has a style of decoration and its own needs that must be analyzed before making the decoration. But to choose the best armchair it is important to analyze some points such as size, design, material and even the price, because in the market it is possible to find cheap recliners of excellent quality.


Daddy’s armchair is that piece of furniture that can be used in the bedroom, living room and office, and although not an indispensable piece of furniture, reclining chairs can bring greater comfort, sophistication and beauty to the decoration, which helps a lot and is incredible . So, here are our tips on how to choose the ideal recliners for your home.

The first point to be analyzed when buying reclining chairs is the size of the furniture in relation to the environment where it will be used, so take the correct measurements of your space. The main tip here is to check the measurements of the closed and open armchair and it needs to be at least 20 cm away from other furniture in the room such as sofas, beds and shelves.


It doesn’t matter if you chose leather, suede or linen recliners, but it is very important that they “talk” with the decor of the environment, so remember this well. It is necessary to remember that reclining chairs do not have so many models on the market, but to choose the one that has more to do with the style of your environment, observe some details such as finishes, colors and contours in the structure.

Coasters, massager, magazine holder, automatic reclining are just some of the differentials that some reclining chairs have and that can be a great advantage for a complete environment, which will be great for you.

Try to buy recliners with quality coverings that are pleasant to the touch, to provide you with more comfort. The suede recliners, for example, have a soft and pleasant touch, while the leather reclining chairs are of excellent quality

Free Pattern Available: Doily Alice