Diamond Stitch – Crochet Pattern


The crochet stitches are very varied and allow combinations and use in different pieces, such as the Diamond Crochet Stitch. Sometimes it’s a small variation, an extra stitch, an extra chain that makes all the difference in the end. The crochet technique is very versatile, the stitches could not be different.

The Diamond Stitch is well closed, being suitable for making warmer items, such as coats and sweaters, both for women and men. The stitch is always versatile, it fits all people. In addition to clothes, a bag looks beautiful with this design as valuable as the diamond. You will notice that in the texture of the stitch it is as if it had a background and a relief forming the diamonds, the most beautiful thing.


I always recommend using a yarn you already have, a scrap, to test the stitch. As soon as you understand the pattern, step by step, move on to the final yarn and rock your piece. The materials are the basics and common to all crochet, yarn and crochet hook jobs. Just like the other crochet stitches, the diamond is formed as you make the rounds.

So don’t think it went wrong in the first round, keep going. You will see the diamond in the end. Enjoy and make many beautiful pieces with this stitch, it is easy to do and the result is charming. The complete pattern is available in The Spruce Crafts, with the step by step of the rounds and the photos that will help you.


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