Seraphina’s Shawl


Crochet shawls are considered a classic in women’s wardrobes. But they are also a great decoration accessory, especially when colder days are coming. This piece that emerged in the East as a feminine adornment is usually made of crochet, an art made with a special needle that has a hook at one end. With this it creates a braid like a lace mesh. The effect is surprising especially when made with wool and silk, and with combined colors. In today’s post you will learn how to make a beautiful Seraphina’s Shawl and also learn ways to use it for decoration.

Crochet shawls can be part of your home decor, making it look more charming and warm and wintery. To get ideas on how to use them in your decoration, just keep following the post because today we’ll talk about it, give you ideas of where you can use them and how, I bet you’ll love this idea as much as we do. So let’s go to the tutorial we have prepared for you!


Most traditional crochet shawls are square in shape and are worn folded in half when the goal is to warm the female shoulders. When they were loaned for interior decoration they gained new shapes, such as rectangular, diamond and oval, to better fit the furniture they will adorn, and believe me, they were perfect.


Free Available Pattern: Seraphina’s Shawl

Usually they are made of wool, silk or a mixture of both, and natural or synthetic threads can be used in their execution. But what really strikes you about crochet shawls is their colors, which, by the way, are very beautiful and flashy. Crochet work can combine various shades, forming patterns and patterns unique to the piece. Therefore, the look of crochet shawls is always very exuberant. Before you get your crochet shawls, know where you can use them to decorate your home. This will make it easier to evaluate which types and patterns to buy.

The most traditional place to put the crochet shawls is the sofa, leaving the atmosphere with a unique touch. The furniture gains elegance and immediate charm, as well as warming up better on colder days. You can place the crochet vouchers as similar to a well-stretched sofa cover, or toss it diagonally over one arm. In armchairs, another place where crochet shawls look great, try the traditional way: place the piece on the backrest in a triangle. Still in the room, there are those who hang crochet shawls along with the curtains to give a new style to the environment.

Nothing prevents you from wearing crochet shawls too in chairs in the dining room, which are also a great place for that kind of thing. It may be excellent to place them on the backs of chairs to increase your comfort during meals. Another way is to leave baskets with shawl rolls available for people to pick up and wear on their legs on colder days. The setting of several colorful crochet shawls together will be charming in any corner of the house.

Your bedroom can also gain more style with the use of crochet shawls. Try throwing one or two pieces on the bedspread, taking into account the harmony of the colors used to make the environment elegant, delicate and beautiful. Or else several pillows and pillows on the headboard and throw the shawl over, creating an inviting place for relaxation. You can also use it as accessories in armchairs, chairs or ottomans that the room has.

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