Zigzag Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern (PDF)


Each color inspires you and gives you a set of sensations that you can explore by choosing the fabrics of your quilt for Christmas patchwork blocks or even other crafts that you do! The Christmas pattern is beautiful ..

That’s why in this post we’ll talk about quilts and psychology of colors, so that you get more and more sure on your next projects!


In decorating it is very common to hear of “psychology of color”. Well, it’s not just a decoration, but that will give you comfort in your house or shop along the way.

In fact, in all areas of design colors play an important, primordial and prominent role. Colors reign supreme, that’s it!


These colors have combined so much that it looks like a relief of colors. I am very happy for all these results that are really amazing and also want you to be able to make this pattern that is so wonderful.

I leave the pattern of this project for you and hope you like it.We will make available to you a multitude of templates for Christmas tree for you to download the PDF for free. (Free Pattern day: Christmas quilts) And also a package of (10 Quilts Inspired by the Christmas Tree)

This Pattern I did not find for free you only find at ETSYZigzag Christmas Tree