Melly Teddy Ragdoll Rainbow Unicorn


There are few rooms that change as much as a children’s room! The growth of children, the strengthening and changing of their tastes and personality, and of course their physical growth, mean that their environment needs to be constantly changed to be able to adapt to them! In the children’s nursery, everything must have to do with the personality and tastes of the little ones, creating an environment adapted to their needs and the possibility of being constantly changing! That’s why today’s post gives you some hints and a beautiful Melly Teddy Ragdoll Rainbow Unicorn pattern to help you.

In the case of girls, there are a variety of style choices, from characters and stories to even completely different ideas they have! Pink is no longer a key feature, making room for several other colors that can range from the most colorful shades like yellow, orange, green and blue, even gray and black! Isn’t it amazing?


In today’s post we will talk about girly children’s rooms, with quick planning tips to inspire you when you start building the room. In search of the perfect female children’s bedroom. To help you assemble the room in full detail, here are some tips to consider before you start this amazing project!


Free Pattern Available: Melly Teddy Ragdoll Rainbow Unicorn

When it comes to planning, dismiss the surprise and include your daughter in designing the project: that’s because even though room decor can be a lot of fun to do, a girl’s kids room should look like the child, not the parents, after all, This is where children usually spend most of their time, whether sleeping or playing, so they need to be comfortable in their environment.

Don’t forget to measure everything before you start shopping! This item is of great importance and there are recurring cases of people who buy more things than fit in the environment or who miss the size of the furniture. But this stress can easily be avoided by measuring the environment and furniture, so you can’t go wrong.

Think about decorating your room with custom-designed furniture: whether it’s the cabinets, the bed, or even all the furniture in the room, custom-designed stores give you the opportunity to think from the shape, fit, finish, and finishes to create the environment you want. You imagined for her room. Arrange the room to leave a central free space: this facilitates movement within the room and even creates an environment where children can play (in this case, it is always good to include a comfortable rug in this area).

Try simple décor that gives the room more style and personality: at this point, try to give preference to easy items that can be easily cleaned. Comics on the wall are a favorite in the decor, but the garlands are coming with everything, especially the ones made on fabrics, which can be removed, washed and put back, interesting isn’t it?

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