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Tulips and Pinwheel Quilt


Have you ever heard the expression “The neighbor’s grass is always greener”? It is very pleasant to see a garden with green grass, shiny, with a healthy aspect. You even want to lie down or have a really nice picnic. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Tulips and Pinwheel Quilt.

The grass is not only important for the aesthetics of the garden, but also for draining rainwater into the soil and not causing floods, puddles and outbreaks of dengue, which will attract the mosquito. When starting to design a garden, usually accompanied by a landscaper, you must choose between natural grass or synthetic grass.


To make this decision, it is necessary to place some points on the scale, for example: Time. Do I want to finish the garden and see the green lawn right away? So the best option is synthetic grass, after all, there is no need to wait for it to grow, which is a great point.

Utility. In my garden I want to raise animals, like dogs or rabbits. The natural grass is the most suitable, after all you can even make a vegetable garden on the natural lawn, positive point for natural grass too.

Image By: YoanSewingStudio

Maintenance. If you have time, or a gardener, the natural lawn was made for you, keep that in mind. For those who cannot afford maintenance, it is better to choose synthetic grass, which is already ready, does not need to be cut or watered.

Synthetic grass X Natural grass. Well-kept synthetic grass can last up to 10 years. There are specific models for outdoor, indoor, soccer fields, swimming pools and etc … The installation cost is higher than natural grass, about $ 756.38 against $ 116.37, not to mention the preparation of the terrain.

But the expense will be unique, while the natural grass needs to be watered, fertilized, fertilized, pruned periodically, remember these details. While natural grass is planted all over the ground, synthetic grass acts as a kind of carpet: you “open” the boards over the entire area to be covered.

You can search the internet for gardeners who carry out the planting and maintenance of natural lawns or the installation of synthetic lawns in the garden of your home, condominium or on the football field you frequent.

Free Pattern Available: Tulips and Pinwheel Quilt

Image By: YoanSewingStudio

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