Red Heart Corner-To-Corner Snowflake Blanket


The crochet blanket is more fashionable than ever. And much of this popularization is due to the Scandinavian style that, among other things, preaches a warm, warm and inviting decoration. However, crochet blankets have always had space reserved, either on the bed, on the sofa or in the baby’s purse. Blankets are very useful and can help you warm and decorate your home, but precisely your living room or bedroom.

It turns out that European influence eventually inflated the prices of this common craft. And with that it’s not uncommon to see crochet blankets out there costing the eye of the face. Nowadays it is possible to find small blankets being sold at prices of up to $ 280.


But you, as a good American you are, don’t have to pay a small fortune to have a crochet blanket warming you on the couch. Of course not! You can make your own crochet blanket with your own materials and hands. Like? In today’s post you will find out.


Free Pattern Available: Red Heart Corner-To-Corner Snowflake Blanket

We brought a post with a beautiful crochet blanket for you to get inspired and do, see what beautiful colors this delicate blanket has, the crochet blankets are really very useful and beautiful, and the best part is that they can be made by you, by your own hands, that’s amazing isn’t it? Let’s start?

Before moving on to the walkthrough, let’s start by clarifying the different types of crochet throws and their main uses. A very common way to use the crochet blanket is to cover the bed. You can do this in two ways: with just one band at the base of the bed or stretching the blanket completely. At bedtime just throw the blanket over and warm up. Creative, don’t you think?

For this type of use, the ideal is that you choose a blanket of the appropriate size of your bed, ie a single bed asks for a smaller blanket, while a double bed asks for a large crochet blanket, capable of to cover the bed and cover two people. Also make sure that the color of the blanket blends in with your decor and the style of your room, so everything looks better. Crochet blankets can help you and a lot, in many different ways, how about starting to make your blanket?

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