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  • Windrose Crochet Rug – Free Pattern

    Ready to start a new week with lots of art? We hope you recharged all your energy over the weekend and are ready for a week full of lovely patterns, which you are sure to want to do. The patterns are very versatile that make great pieces for your home decor, to sell or to […] More

  • Crochet Checkerboard Rug – Free Pattern

    Rugs make all the difference in decorating an environment. Thinking about making our house more beautiful and cozier, we brought the crochet checkerboard rug. Crochet is an ancient and very versatile technique. Every day that passes we have more modern pieces that use this technique. We can make clothes, decoration pieces, amigurumis and accessories for […] More

  • Textured Waves Crochet Rug Pattern

    Hi! It’s always great to welcome you here, in this space to learn new patterns, like the Textured Waves Crochet Rug Pattern. I am passionate about the crochet technique, the beauty and variety that this technique allows us to do. Create pieces to use in everyday life, to decorate our home, to give gifts to […] More