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  • Brecken Bag – Free Pattern

    Hi loves! Very busy week out there? We hope so, but remember to always take some time for yourself so you don’t freak out. In recent years we have been through very difficult situations and many people have found this refuge in crafts. A time to think and enjoy those hours, relaxing and doing what […] More

  • Bobbles Circle Tote – Crochet Pattern

    Bags are never too many, we always need a new model, a different color to match that look we are thinking about. That’s why today we have the Bobbles Circle Tote, a super stylish crochet bag that you need to have in your everyday life. It’s a big bag, in which you can carry everything […] More

  • Crochet Bag – Lily Sugar’n Cream

    The crochet bag is a dream accessory for many women who want to wear a delicate, exclusive and very fashionable piece. Whether for social or casual occasions, you can always adapt a model to your look. Crochet bags unite the rustic with the delicate and are capable of producing incredible combinations. Crochet stitches allow for […] More