Rippled Fast Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern


Let’s do the Rippled Fast Crochet Blanket? Crochet blankets are very comfortable and versatile. Nothing beats getting home, at the end of an intense day and snuggling up on the couch with a fluffy crochet blanket. They are soft, warm and give that cozy feeling. Crochet blanket patterns are very versatile because one pattern can be adapted for various occasions.

The thread color usually determines where you will use the blanket. Lighter colors like pink, blue, green, yellow are great choices for baby blankets. You can match the color of the baby’s layette. This piece is indispensable, all moms and dads love it. You can use the blanket as a decoration item in the room. They always look very elegant in the decoration of the sofa or an armchair.


Choose colors that are already in the environment, it is much easier to harmonize the piece. The charm of the rippled fast crochet blanket is the stitch and the rows that are formed along the entire length. Speaking of size, this pattern measures 36 x 28 in (91 x 71 cm). Because it’s a straight, rectangular blanket, it’s easy to increase or decrease the size. Measure the rounds and make the adjustments you want.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Life


In crochet it is very important to choose the thread and the crochet hook, the main materials for this technique. They also determine part yield. If you have any doubts when choosing, check out the suggestions available in the pattern. In craft stores we always have many options, but don’t let that confuse you.

In this pattern, the blanket is worked flat. Only light blocking if necessary for this piece. The yarn used for this blanket contains natural fiber and requires special laundering. Please read yarn labels and follow directions to maintain the life of your crochet work. The complete pattern is available at Crochet Life with important step-by-step tips.

This blanket will be a hit, whether in your home, for sale, or as a gift. Crochet is always a good option, it looks beautiful and pleases a lot of people. Tell us what you think and what it was like to do it. We hope to see you again soon. Now, let’s crochet!