Dawn's Early Light Quilt


Dawn’s Early Light Quilt is a beautiful piece created using the amazing art of the famous quilt. It consists of joining fabrics of different colors and patterns, using the sewing technique called pres-stitches largo, or also known as quilt.

Now this technique has also been adapted for crochet and has been very successful due to the beauty of its colorful result but it is not what we will talk about. This is a very beautiful and simple job to do. Quilt is a very old technique where with the help of needle and thread, points are formed.


It is possible to do many things of quilt and this project here is simple and very easy perfect for those who like to create new pieces of crafts. The pieces created range from quilts to even pillows, believe me.

The main characteristic of the technique is the use of different colors and prints, which leave the object, furniture or clothes, with a touch of liveliness and joy.


Dawn’s Early Light Quilt is a beautiful classic and very elegant model. Nowadays the quilt is being used a lot for decoration for bedroom or living room, the quilt is a practical and very charming option to perfect your combination and leave your guests enchanted with the beauty of this piece.

In addition to being very delicate, this item can be used in any bed format, be it round or rectangular. They are also great to decorate the environment around the house and make everything more beautiful, you change the colors of this project to match more with your decor.

In addition to being a very beautiful item, being quilt adds more charm to the work and has an incredible touch. Take advantage of this beautiful idea and creatively make new ones by be inspired by the works presented and personalize yours. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you.

Made By: Doug’s Leko

Pattern Status: Free

Free Pattern Available: Dawn’s Early Light Quilt