Prairie Point Quilt Along


The choice of wall covering requires great care, planning and creativity. Today painting does not represent the only way to decorate the wall, since the variety of ideas and materials that can be used to improve the aesthetics of the environments is huge. Few materials make rooms more cozy than a brick wall in sight. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Prairie Point Quilt Along.

Very current in decoration, with several formats and finishes, which enchant by the wealth of such beautiful details. The exposed brick does not necessarily need to be related to rustic environments, as this coating also gives personality to the space, creating a relaxed and charming decoration, with a very beautiful bold look.


You may even think that such a wall does not “fit” in your home, because of the existing decor, but what you don’t know is how versatile this device can be, believe us.

In this type of wall, you can place paintings and art objects, giving “life” to the environment, especially if the other walls are white, which helps even more. Such walls can be a watershed, marking and delimiting spaces.


To achieve this apparent effect, we can build or just clad a wall, in the case of more modern homes. In older houses, you can peel off a wall to find out whether or not it is made of solid bricks. Think about the effect you like best and choose pieces with the right shade and size for your environment.

The types of finish can be diverse, and interfere with the feeling that the environment will transmit, remember this. You can choose the natural color, if your desire is to give a more sophisticated and sober look to your room, in this case, give more emphasis to lighting.

If you do not want to show the material directly, the bricks can be painted with lime and paint of the desired color, which is great. Painting the exposed brick wall is the perfect way out for those looking for more delicate and modern results.

A tip is to apply silicone and resins on the wall to maintain the integrity of the bricks, always looking very beautiful, without risk of damage caused by humidity. This makes cleaning the wall easier.

Free Pattern Available: Prairie Point Quilt Along