Open Summer Square Motif Pattern


Decorating a house says a lot about the mood of those who live in it and so they can change sometimes. But painting the house, buying new accessories, or changing furniture can be very expensive and out of the budget for many. A great way to renew the look of your living room or bedroom is with this beautiful Open Summer Square Motif.

If you like to create, or even have a source of income, this Open Summer Square Motif can be quite interesting.You can do it in any color you want, that gives it a special and beautiful detail.


Crochet is a technique for exercising creativity and producing beautiful pieces. Here on our site we have several examples.


Granny’s squares are one of the best known recipes for crochet, aren’t they? With a lot of variations, there are no limits to the parts that can be produced by combining squares.

For this post, we selected this design suggestion that updates this crochet classic. Undoubtedly, a beautiful and charming piece that will make any work even better.

This beautiful piece can be a great project to enjoy your leftover wool. If you liked the idea, run to get your skeins as we will start the tutorial to teach you how to do it.

If you also liked this project, enjoy that the pattern is free and the site includes the free PDF below, it can be changed to any language and it also has video tutorial!!!!

You can use this square to make endless varieties of pieces or to decorate any pieces you have already made such as a pillow, blanket, rug, bag and more!!!!