Holiday Table Runner – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! How is your weekend going? We hope you are making the most of it. If you have time, why not take the opportunity to do the Holiday Table Runner? A fast and very amazing pattern. The table, the moment of the meal takes on another feeling. It makes everything more beautiful, more organized and shows all the affection you had when preparing the table. A table set makes all the difference.

The holiday table runner has a beautiful pattern, it may look simple, but it is very elegant. It is a model made from appliqués that, unlike other models, are not sewn one by one. In the photos and in the step by step you can see that the images are cropped and do not have a very specific format. After that, you place the images on the table runner and the seam is straight, in stripes.


It’s amazing right? And if you don’t have much practice in sewing, and are afraid to make the contours that are necessary for the appliqués, here is a perfect opportunity. The colors of this pattern are very beautiful. But if you don’t like blue or want to do it in another color, many combinations are possible. Remember that they must contrast, so that the appliqués are evident.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts


This type of piece is perfect for gifting a loved one. If you’re thinking of selling, you can make kits with placemats too. It’s going to be amazing. When choosing fabrics, remember to prioritize quality. You don’t need to buy the most expensive one in the store, but the fabric should last a few washes. You can wash it before starting to sew.

This way the excess paint comes out and, if the fabric shrinks, it won’t damage the piece after it’s ready. Also, when making the table runner, measure the size on your table or furniture you are going to use. If you want longer, the size of the table, shorter. There are many options and choices like these that must be made before starting to cut.

Ready to get start? Come check out the step by step of the holiday table runner at Suzy Quilts. All the information you need will be described there. And you already know, was there any doubt? Tell us here in the comments. We are very happy to know what you think of the patterns we bring here.