After The Storm Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


The compaction of environments is increasingly common in new apartments. The bedrooms and living rooms are very small, making it difficult to decorate and install furniture. The kitchen also had a very small space. It seems that the standard of the bathroom, in these new properties, is that the space is as small as possible, considering only the existence of the essential items: washbasin, shower and toilet. In this post we will see more about it and we can make a beautiful After The Storm Baby Blanket.

It even gives that feeling that there are no decoration alternatives to circumvent the lack of space, escape the standard and leave the house with “our face” which is what we want. Although the measures are reduced, restricting the possibilities a little, you can find solutions to sophisticate and highlight the environments of your home, even if it is a small apartment.


A key tip for decorating small bathrooms is to use large mirrors, so keep that in mind. They can be with frames, from outside to outside or with a bisote (beveled edges that form a frame in the mirror itself), with or without lighting.

The most important thing is that they occupy the largest possible area, remember this. The mirrors help to enlarge the environment and remove the feeling of tightness, since they have the effect of “duplicating” everything that is reflected in them.


Precisely because it duplicates everything, it is important to be very careful with the type of coating that will be used in the environment, especially on the walls, pay attention to this detail. If you choose to use tiles with a very strong pattern, or too repetitive, for example, Portuguese tiles, it can feel labyrinth, claustrophobic, making staying in the environment uncomfortable.

The ideal is to use soft materials and clean pattern, they help a lot. The cleaner, the better. In a small bathroom, it is better not to segment the environment too much, that is, not to use several different materials and divide by sector, for example, lozenges in the box, tile with details in the vase and cabinet with two parts (washbasin and cupboard).

Creating niches is very interesting, as it helps to increase the area for storing things. Make niches next to the sink for everyday products and cosmetics, which are important items. Use a niche in the box for shampoos, soaps and moisturizers. The advantage of creating a niche in the box is that, as these spaces are very tight, you leave things “embedded” in the wall, avoiding bumping into soap dishes and external supports.

Free Pattern Available: After The Storm Baby Blanket