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The blackout curtain is the perfect solution for those who want to sleep late or watch a movie in broad daylight. This is because the blackout curtain is made of thicker fabrics and differentiated material that can retain up to 99% of brightness. But it’s not just for watching TV or sleeping a little longer that the blackout curtain serves. This type of curtain has other advantages that you will discover later in this post, and will still learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Fiesta Square check out:

Blackout curtain: what is it?
Let’s start by explaining better what is this blackout curtain that has been so successful in homes and decorations. The blackout curtain, also known as blackout blinds, is basically made of a fabric called polyester. Some models feature a blend of polyester with cotton and polyester with acetate. Both offer the same result.


The installation of the blackout curtain should accompany the full length of the room window in which it will be used, but not necessarily cover the entire wall. The important thing is that it covers the window area to prevent light from entering.


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Fiesta Square

And make no mistake about the blackout curtain being made solely from dark fabrics. There are blackout blackout curtains that work as well as a blackout blackout curtain. This is because what prevents the passage of light is the thickness of the fabric used and the material with which it is made. And what is the blackout curtain for? The main use of the blackout curtain, as its name suggests, is to limit and, depending on the model, completely block out light from entering the environment in which it is used.

And what are you going to need in a dark environment for? For a variety of things, from sleeping late to watching TV, working, or creating a moment of intimacy, as the blackout curtain not only makes it perfect for movies, it also brings total privacy to the surroundings where it is placed. We will further explain the advantages of the blackout curtain in the following topic.

Controlled light
Once again we will strengthen the brightness control that only the blackout curtain provides where it is used. With it, the environments are more cozy and possible to use the way you prefer, whatever the time of day the curtain works perfectly.

Privacy is another very important point that deserves to be highlighted again. In such cases, it is even worth betting on a blackout curtain in the bathroom. Clinics and doctor’s offices also benefit from the privacy that the blackout curtain offers.

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