No Y Seam Feathered Star – Free Quilt Pattern


Do not let Feathered Star intimidate you! Sew this quilt block and I recommend it to be easier and faster than you think. This is a project expected by many.

You may notice a feathered cascade effect that makes us very happy to see those who make the quilt turn into an endless combination of colors! This quilt is considered easy for those who are just getting started, the step by step guide is the beginner in the process of completing their first paper pieced pattern!


I had so much fun putting these different combinations together with the fabrics. Also tested in three different sizes that lock and all will be included in this pattern: 12 “and 16”. Without curved patches and larger pieces of fabric, the process of putting on this quilt is much easier than you might think! Apparently, these blocks are complex.

But the pattern is divided into small segments, being easy to sew them. With straightforward and easy seams, these threads are joined together to form a 9-patch before joining the entire block, and as the name says, there are no “Y” seams.



If the lines are the right size, everything will fit perfectly without relieving, without wrinkling and you need not worry. The precise views and the corresponding marks printed on the fabric make the attachment very easy and the simple “partial sewing technique” is intriguing. Of course, if you prefer a portable design, you can sew by hand. Use “continuous stitching” for the feathers.

I like working with lines, but I love making quilts. You can also make better quilts and you do not have to stick to “easy and quick” designs. There are quilts of various levels of difficulty.

As I have more experience in creating quilts, I expect a certain level of skill points and reach perfection. To be honest, I do not want to be named to be the perfect. I’m trying to get rid of it. But at the same time, when I can use easy methods to get a good result, I do not consider this problem level perfectionism.


Speaking again about pattern: the paper splice of the base is exact, as we see. This pattern divides the seemingly complex block into small, easy-to-sew segments. These segments are joined by simple and straightforward seams to form a 9-patch before the entire block joins. Like the clever name (or not – ha!), There are no seams in Y!

For me, I find this pattern easier and simpler. This quilt is giving me good results. And that’s what makes us happy, good results! All of us, after all, want and seek everything in our lives. This pattern is incredible! And that means you can color the quilt as you like and with your favorite colors.

Just use your imagination and create combinations that can be perfect. Come on girls, I invite you to make an unprecedented, modern and at the same time elegant quilt to show the world the power of sewing.


– sewing machine (if you prefer, you can sew by hand)
– yarn (of your choice)
– tissue (quantified in the standard)
– rotary cutter, treadmill and ruler
– foundation paper or printer paper
– 6 “Add a quarterly rule
– tiletto (optional) that I use and love
– pins
– scissors
– sewing ripper
– pen / pencil / crayon / markers
– small piece of cardboard / cardboard (or thin plastic) with straight edge

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