Crochet Blouse With Video And Schematic

If you follow our website you may have noticed several tips for crochet clothing, and the truth is that this type of piece promises to be a trend in spring and summer. So if you already want to invest and get inspired by crochet blouses for the coming seasons, today this post brings you this beautiful blouse model, to complete your look and with an amazing step by step to set the needles in motion and create beautiful clothes.

Among the options of crochet blouses long sleeve models are also successful, and can be worn with a second skin underneath or just a top, allowing the garment to be wild on both hotter and cooler days.

The bet on color mixing is also an option for crochet blouses. In this mix, it is worth making layers of different colors or even bet on more specific designs for the piece.

In this blouse model, the bet was to make only one color, but you can do it in many other colors, just use the imagination and creativity. The composition of the colors is cheerful and leaves the piece with summery way.


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