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  • Crochet Colorful Roses With Leafs

    Crochet Colorful Roses With Leafs, to do the most diverse jobs among them, table runner, centerpiece, cushion, etc. A beautiful flower that can be the highlight of any craft work even those that are not made with the technique of crochet, which is great. With few materials it is possible to make these beautiful Roses. […] More

  • Flowers Crochet Pattern

    Flowers Crochet Pattern a beautiful key piece to place on rugs, pillows, as well as on bedspreads and table rails etc. Nowadays crochet has been improving more and more, since the creation of beautiful rugs requires applications of flowers, so it gets more vision and ends up leaving a beautiful and charming work. Colorful and […] More

  • Flower Crochet Pattern

    Flower Crochet Pattern a beautiful job to compose and decorate other pieces, such as: rugs, bedspreads and rails etc. And with this beautiful Flower Crochet Pattern you will complete, with certainty, creations of wonderful pieces that I will help you a lot. In addition, you will be able to improve your knowledge. Transforming, beautiful carpets […] More

  • Calla Lily Flower Pot Holder

    Calla Lily Flower Pot Holder, simple and delicate and shows us how creativity can provide incredible and well done works. These are more than important items, they leave no marks and hold the pots, helping us a lot when we have a hot pot, for example. They can be made of many materials, fabrics, among […] More

  • How to make a crochet flower: tips for beginners and step by step.

    Crochet Camomile Photolder was once seen as something that only grandmothers did. Today it is considered crafts and many people are eager to learn the most diverse points to make crochet flowers and various handmade pieces using the material. The coolest thing is that crochet helps to distract and also relieve stress, which can be […] More