Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern

When I spend time left I am browsing my basket where I keep the leftovers from other works, I keep everything because it is always useful. Always organized and separated by color, putting in bags to not mix and fill up with gorgeous fabrics for new designs.

This medallion quilt was designed with the junction of several favorite pieces of Felice Regina, she designed this wonderful design. She named it Solstice Medallion because it reminds us of our solar system made the sun in the center of the quilt.

Pattern Details

Name: Solstice Medallion
Project Size: 53 x 53 ”
Fabric: Heather Ross / Munki Munki, and some Tula Pink, Patty Sloniger, Teagan White
Pattern: Solstice Medallion
Medallion Center – Night Star
Padding Type: Spiral


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