Rumi Crochet Baby Blanket


Rumi Crochet Baby Blanket, comfortable, beautiful and very easy to make. Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the look of the house with comfort leaving everything very elegant, like this work for sofas and beds. This beautiful blanket has been used more and more by moms and is already part of the decoration. Use your creativity and make a beautiful pillow to match the blanket and add a touch of charm and good taste to your little one’s room.

Rumi Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern is a delicate and wonderful blanket that can complete the decoration of the children’s room. This type of work brings shine and elegance to the environment decorated with love. In addition to the baby’s room it can be used as a set with some baby clothes for your walks.


These delicate and well-made decorative pieces leave our home prepared to receive friends and family at any time. This piece can also be part of the decoration of the baby’s room, in addition to heating the baby.


Very beautiful and elegant work that will be easy to do. Following the tutorial of this blanket you can make it quickly and easily. All the craft work fills us with joy at every stage. Creativity leads us to make different pieces and always very full of beauty.

This work is really sweet and will leave the child’s room beautifully decorated. With soft colors and a beautiful stitch that makes everything even more beautiful, this work is a wonder leading to a world of magic and charm.

If you wish you can work with other colors that best suit your room decor. Excellent to learn and improve with ideas, you will feel able to produce beautiful shapes just let your imagination flow and follow the tutorial carefully.

Free Pattern Available: Rumi Crochet Baby Blanket