Connie’s Ray of Hope


Having a space at home to store all your books can seem like a utopia, especially in times of such small properties and limited space, but there is no need to have a full library, it is possible to focus on organizing books in other environments with a corner reading. See the tips that the Ck Crafts team separated for you to use your books in the decoration and always have your favorite copies at hand and also see the tutorial of a beautiful Connie’s Ray of Hope. The simplest choice is to use a bookshelf to house your copies, however, books don’t need to be just placed on the furniture in a random order.

Experts guarantee that the ideal is to separate your books according to the subject, this way, it will be easier to find the copy you are looking for accurately, this is an interesting alternative for those who have a very large volume, so everything is organized and easy to find.


On the shelf you can share the technical books used at work on one shelf, and the novels and literature in general on another, on this piece of furniture you can use decorative objects such as trinkets and small vases.

The collections, which have equal volumes should be placed side by side, if possible in order of publication, doing this will help you a lot. This is a way to ensure that the search is found quickly.


Free Pattern Available: Connie’s Ray of Hope

You can also keep the organization similar to that found in libraries and bookstores, that is, leaving the books separated by author and work, this is one of the most used ways to store and organize books. No matter what form you choose, the division should take into account the simplest way for you to be able to locate your book. Considering the decoration, large books of beautiful reference images, whether of decoration, flowers, fashion or any other visually pleasing subject, can be displayed on the coffee or support tables.

These books, usually of reference, are so beautiful that they are raised to the rank of decorative objects. Just be careful with the incidence of the sun, sunlight can fade your favorite specimens and we know you don’t want that, let the books show only in places where the sun doesn’t hit often, otherwise you can ruin your volumes . For a more visually pleasing book arrangement, keep copies of similar height next to each other.

This makes the composition more harmonious and prevents the lines from breaking. Light furniture looks especially beautiful full of books and colorful objects. Nobody disagrees that reading should be encouraged from an early age, if you have children at home, make them have and take care of their own volumes, a fun and easy way to make children read more is to leave books always at hand their. Invest in short shelves, within reach of the little ones and organize a reading corner for them, you can be sure that they will love it.

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