Nori Dress - Crochet Pattern


Today is the day to make a new piece to compose your looks, the Nori Dress Crochet. Dresses are always in fashion and are on trend every summer. Today’s model is no different. It is a piece that you can wear on various occasions, casual or more special. And dresses are very comfortable. What you should pay attention to when pulling out a thread is whether it feels comfortable to the skin.

The colors vary a lot with each one’s taste. The gradient of the dress in the photos is natural from the yarn. If you want to make the entire dress in one color, choose a yarn that does not change color along the length. The yarn yield will never be the same. It will depend on the crochet hook you are going to use, the stitch of each one, the length of the dress.


Crochet is a technique that, in material terms, is very simple, you just need yarn and a crochet hook. This technique has long been seen as a tradition, passed down through the generations. Today the visibility of crochet is much greater, because we can make several items, many of them very modern. Which is the case with this beautiful dress that you will want to make to look beautiful and fashionable. You can add a belt to complete the look, it will be a hit.

Nori Dress – My Crochet Pattern

Nori Dress Notes

As we already mentioned, the materials for this crochet dress are simple and are described below. The yarn indicated was the one used to make the dress in the photo, but it’s just a suggestion. If you already have threads that you would like to use or are going to make another color, feel free. This is a matter of taste, preference of who will wear the dress.


Separate materials, time to start crocheting. The pattern is complete on the My Crochet Pattern website, along with all the information, suggestions and tips to help you make it. Did you like it? Leave here your opinion and what you like to see here. We are always very happy to welcome you!