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Separate bats, pumpkins, spiders and a pretty creepy costume because Halloween is coming! Every year on October 31st, hundreds of countries around the world celebrate Halloween or Halloween. Is that you? Will you let the date go blank or will you play too? Here we help you with tips and everything else you need to know about the date, check out this beautiful and creepy Magic Hat Flag.

Contrary to what many people can imagine, Halloween is not a party of American origin. The best known and popular version says that the origin of Halloween is Irish, more specifically from the Celtic people, is it not amazing to know the origin of this popular party?


Around the fifth century BC, the Celts celebrated the festival of Samhaim as a way of thanking the gods for the bountiful harvest and preparing for a new year, as the Celtic calendar began on November 1st. This date also coincides with late summer and early winter in the northern hemisphere.


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At that time, the Celts believed that the spirits of the dead had free access to the living world and could possess the bodies of the people. To protect themselves from these evil spirits, the inhabitants of the Celtic villages put out the fire in their homes and dressed in frightening clothing as a way of repelling evil spirits.

Later, the Catholic Church, as a means of keeping the pagan tradition of the Celts under control, moved the date commemorating All Saints’ Day, originally May 13, to November 1, giving rise to the feast that We all know it today, including the name.

That’s because the word Halloween comes from All Hallow’s Eve. In the Middle Ages, the party was renamed Halloween because it was associated with paganism. But it was not until 1845 that Halloween began to become popular in Uncle Sam’s land after the start of Irish immigration. The party was so well accepted there that it soon became a symbol of the country and American mass culture, interesting isn’t it?

It was not long before the cinema and the famous brands took Halloween beyond the borders of Anglo-Saxon countries. Talking about Halloween and not thinking about pumpkins, black cats and witches is practically impossible. These are some of several important symbols marking this date.

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