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    Beautiful Crochet Gloves – Patterns FREE

    In winter the clothes start to get heavier and also warmer, but in addition, crochet accessories become more common, after all, it is necessary to cover the hands, head and feet from the cold. For those who make handicrafts, some crochet recipes can be an outlet to keep warm, warm the family, give or sell. That’s why we’ve brought you amazing crochet gloves ideas.

    As much as they are accessories, they can also compose a different look, fun or even luxurious and elegant. Besides, of course, when you wake up too early to go to work, the glove will be important to warm your hands and at the same time compose your look, leaving it even more charming.

    The crochet gloves are very practical, as in addition to warming your hands, they do not interfere with the work, whatever it may be. With creativity and imagination your own ideas can emerge, so go ahead and if you prefer, put a detail in your glove. It can be satin ribbon, a very small flower made from crochet, pearl details and many others that will make you happy.

    Crochet Gloves for Kids – Yarnspirations

    Crochet Gloves Ideas

    Less than a whole skein of wool is used for the confection of crochet gloves. The stitch used can be the closed one, without major details, this way the hands will be even more protected. The variety of this type of handcraft is immeasurable. There are models with and without fingers, male, for children with little animal details.

    The line and point chosen vary depending on the pattern you want to make. But feel free to make the variations you want to make them your personality.

    Check out the patterns we’ve selected for you and start making models to warm up the whole family!

    Men’s Gloves – Linda Dean Crochet
    Tunisian Gloves – Yarnspirations
    Kids Gloves – Yarnspiration
    Colorful Gloves – Yarnspiration
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    Block a Week CAL (Patterns Written )

    The crochet has been modernized every day and is no longer a pastime for the elderly, but also reaching more and more people of all ages.

    The Block a Week 2014 crochet bedspreads will surely make you think of a more handcrafted quilt or blanket style and even your grandmother spend hours with a crochet in her hand, increasing and increasing as hours go by.Whether in bed or on the couch, in winter we always want to be under warm blankets.

    Crochet bedspreads, in addition to super comfortable and warm, still bring a lot of style to your home decor.

    Be up the bed, finishing the coverage of the sheets and duvets, or the sofa, accompanied by cushions to leave the space super cozy.


    Hooks 3.5 mm (E)
    ① Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (White)
    ② Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (Denim)
    ③ Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (Sky)

    The Week Crochet Quilt is one of those that never goes out of style, because the craftsmanship is always renewed in its combinations, points and utilities, entering very well in new and modern styles.

    After all, they are doubly useful: to warm us up and make the house more stylish and cozy.


    18.5cm Smaller Blocks / 40cm Large Block

    That’s why today we brought a post with only the most interesting crochet Week CAL quilts, for almost all styles, from the most rustic to those who like a more modern tone.

    The center of this pattern you find here (The Enchanted Garden Tote) this step by step you find in ravelry.


    Follow the 2 patterns for the confection of this Crochet  Patterns Block a Week CAL 2014 – (The Enchanted Garden Tote) For those who already know how to crochet, it’s time to lose the fear of bigger projects and start using this craft to decorate your home!

    For those of you who are completely new to the game, we’ve separated some tips to get you started on how to choose your graphic, line, needle and quilt type, of course, from our traditional photo gallery with many different designs – some with graphics and tutorials.

    Take advantage to know our popular articles on crocheted carpets, crochet curtains and crochet sousplat. The pattern found was made by photos above © SharonBlignaut.

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    Around The Block Quilt – Free Pattern

    Shall we sew a little? Today we are going to learn a new quilt model, to make our home even more beautiful and welcoming. Around the block is a very beautiful quilt that has a different design. Quilts are widely used in our daily lives. They make our beds very well made, those magazine rooms. In this pattern you will not need large pieces of fabric.

    It is very common for pieces of fabric to be left over after we quilt a lot. So we don’t waste anything, find patterns like this to take advantage of these fabric scraps. Fabrics with very strong colors can loosen excess dye in the washes. To avoid staining lighter colors, you can wash the fabrics separately. Once dry, iron them so they are smooth and make cutting and sewing easier.

    Markings can also stain fabrics, so always make them on the back of the print. The combinations of prints and colors can be infinite. You can use a pattern as a base and, from there, combine other colors. You can adapt quilts many decorations, regardless of the pattern. When we make quilts for babies, we try to use lighter prints, with children’s themes and pastel tones.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

    For more vibrant quilts, we can use more expressive colors and prints. You can match the colors of around the block with the cushions and pillows. Ideas abound and only increase as we see more patterns and decorations. The pattern is available from All People Quilt, with diagrams, measurements and sewing instructions.

    Did you like the quilt? Let us know your feedback here in the comments. If you have suggestions, we will be happy to bring them to you. It’s always a pleasure to bring new patterns to inspire us and keep making beautiful crafts. Enjoy the weekend to recharge your energies close to those you love. Soon we’ll be back with more beautiful patterns.

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    Crochet Texture Sampler Blanket – Free Pattern

    Hello my loves! It’s always a pleasure to have you here, looking for new craft patterns and new ideas. New things always sell very well, so stay tuned for all the patterns we bring here, to inspire you to create more beautiful pieces that will sell a lot. If you still don’t make it to sell, you can start by giving gifts to friends and family, so you spread your work and still show everyone your affection for that person.

    Thinking of a piece that hugs you, the crochet texture sampler blanket is perfect for that. It is a very wonderful blanket that mixes different stitches and textures in the same piece. This model of blanket is a little smaller than the size of traditional beds and is more used in the decoration of the room, on a sofa or in a corner armchair.

    If you want to make one the size of your bed, by the pattern you’ll want it not difficult to make the size changes. You will only need to increase the number of points in the career and the number of careers, it is not difficult. This pattern is not the easiest, but read it first to see if you can understand what to do. Then yes, you can start making and rocking this blanket.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

    Because it has so many different points, you can take the opportunity to think of other beautiful pieces. This is one of the advantages of crochet. You can imagine and create new pieces from the stitches you learn in another. As for the yarns you already know, choose the ones you like and fit your objective. Generally, for blankets, we use softer, warmer threads.

    In the pattern crochet texture sampler, available in Yarnspiration, you will learn all the stitches of the blanket. In addition, measurements, graphics, line suggestions and materials are available. We hope you enjoy it and continue to create beautiful blankets. Don’t forget to comment here what you think, we look forward to seeing lots of blankets out there!

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    Windrose Crochet Rug – Free Pattern

    Ready to start a new week with lots of art? We hope you recharged all your energy over the weekend and are ready for a week full of lovely patterns, which you are sure to want to do. The patterns are very versatile that make great pieces for your home decor, to sell or to give as a gift to loved ones. Windrose Crochet Rug is that crochet rug that attracts all the attention of the environment, full of charm.

    Rugs make all the difference in the decoration of the environment, they bring that warm feeling of snuggle. Thinking of you who love to keep your house well decorated, this crochet pattern is a great investment to make your decoration more beautiful and welcoming.

    The great charm of the windrose crochet rug is to choose two colors that are very different. Light and dark tones, so that the design of the piece stands out. If you choose similar colors, the designs will not be very visible, losing this beautiful detail. When we are going to make rugs, it is very common to opt for thicker lines, types of string.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: We Crochet

    If you’re not sure which yarn to choose, in craft stores we have many options and the attendants can help us at that time. It’s common to get lost with so many options, but everything will be fine. The Windrose rug pattern is available at We Crochet with all the step by step, tips, thread suggestions and material list. The final size of the crochet rug is approximately 25 x 35″. As you read and understand the pattern, you will be able to change the size too, if you want.

    You can make crochet rug kits, with the same pattern and different sizes. It looks great to decorate the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor areas. We hope you like it and enjoy making this pattern. It inspires you to keep crocheting and practice a little every day. Don’t forget to tell us how it went, we will be very happy to read all the comments. Now, let’s crochet!

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    Bobbles Circle Tote – Crochet Pattern

    Bags are never too many, we always need a new model, a different color to match that look we are thinking about. That’s why today we have the Bobbles Circle Tote, a super stylish crochet bag that you need to have in your everyday life. It’s a big bag, in which you can carry everything you need. Round bags are very successful and timeless.

    Versatile, they match more elegant looks to everyday looks. You can vary the choice of straps by opting for the longer ones to use cross-body. As for the colors, choose the ones you like the most. You can choose more vibrant colors, red, yellow, blue, or more classic tones, black, gray, beige. Regardless of the color, choose good quality yarns to have a perfect bag for longer.

    Bags are usually not washed very often, even so the yarn has to be good for the bag to keep its shape longer. This model is a great option for gifting loved ones. I’m sure you don’t have a friend of yours who won’t feel happy and very stylish with a bag like that. Bags have a lot of output, they are always a great selling option.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Mama in a Stitch

    If you crochet to sell, add this pattern to your product portfolio. The bobbles circle tote pattern is available from Mama in a Stitch. The step by step, yarn suggestion, materials needed, sizes and important tips are available for you. I hope you get inspired to rock the bags and sales. Take risks and make the combinations you want.

    With practice, you will become more confident creating new pieces and making changes to patterns. Feel free to leave your opinion, suggestion and tell us how it was to make this bag. We look forward to hearing how it went. We are very happy to see you here, but now, let’s crochet!

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    Bunny Wall Hanging – Crochet Pattern

    Easter is coming soon and, as good artisans, we want to decorate the whole house with bunnies. Thinking about this special date, we brought a piece that will make your decoration even more beautiful on this special date, the Bunny Wall Hanging. It’s so nice to be able to decorate our house on these occasions, so we can welcome friends and people we love.

    Children are always excited and happy with all the colors around the house. To make this pattern, lighter colors and prints were used, pastel colors. The prints match these colors and are the most beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid to make combinations. You can use the pieces that you’ve already made or saw in photos.

    Another very important thing is to see how the colors of the yarns come together. If you don’t like a combination, you can change it now. It’s much easier to do this way, you don’t have to take the part apart to make changes. Take the opportunity to gift loved ones. There is no one who didn’t want to leave the house decorated for these dates.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ned and Mimi.

    Choose the yarns you prefer, I’m sure you’ll know how to combine and make successful pieces. The bunny wall hanging pattern is available from Ned and Mimi. There you will have access to the step-by-step guide, important tips, materials list and yarns suggestions. It is always a great pleasure to have you here, to learn new techniques, patterns and pieces for your home.

    If you still don’t have a lot of practice in the crochet technique, don’t worry. Go slowly, in your own time. Your evolution will be remarkable in a few days. We hope you enjoy and get inspired by this piece. We are here to read everything you write to us, suggestions, opinions. Shall we crochet? Craft time!

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    Crochet Bucket Hat – Free Pattern

    It’s time to learn the hat that doesn’t leave the head of celebrities, the Crochet Bucket Hat. I’m sure you’ve seen people on the street wearing this type of hat, or you even have one in your wardrobe. We brought the pattern so you can make some more. Bucket hats have arrived and are expected to be on the rise for quite some time.

    It matches very well with many looks. As it is a handmade item, you already know, you can make it in different colors, colorful, add details such as pom poms, rhinestones, fringes. Look for ideas to customize this beautiful piece. When lines, the crochet technique allows for a multitude of choices.

    Today you will find numerous yarn options. To make the bucket, the yarn cannot be too soft or hot. They need to have structure to make and maintain the flap part folds. The pattern is not difficult because in this type of work, you only use one type of stitch. If you don’t have much practice yet, read and understand the pattern first.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Delia Creates

    Then take any leftover yarn you have lying around and test the stitch. Test again if necessary, until you get a result that is satisfactory. Now you can start to make the bucket with the chosen line. So you don’t “wear” the yarn in the attempts, it remains new and beautiful for your bucket. The complete crochet bucket hat pattern is available at Delia Creates.

    There you have the list of materials, photos and the step by step to guide you during this project. The good thing about handmade pieces is that they are unique. In addition to making it for yourself, give it as a gift to dear friends and, if you want, you can make extra money at the end of the month.

    Great to have you here, learning new pieces and techniques. We are very happy to know that you like the patterns we bring. Anyway, feel free to leave your opinion here in the comments. Shall we crochet?

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    Hanging Baskets on Dowel – Crochet Pattern

    We always have a lot to organize and, with that in mind, we brought you Hanging Baskets on Dowel. A crochet pattern that, in addition to being a decoration item, is very useful for organization. Items like this can be used in several rooms. Bedroom, office and even in the bathroom you will find use for this piece. It is very easy to vary the colors of the baskets.

    You don’t have to make them all the same color. If you have leftover yarn from other projects, take the opportunity to make a basket of each color, reusing the yarn. Depending on the decor of the room, you can add pom poms, crochet flowers, rhinestones, whatever else matches. Items that are useful are always well accepted by everyone.

    Make this piece a beautiful gift for a dear friend. We always have something that is out of place, if she has a heart hanging basket, problem solved. In the office you can separate each basket for a type of material, post it, pens, papers, notepads. Decorate and organize at the same time. The pattern is simple and doesn’t need a lot of materials.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

    Crochet hook, stitch marker, yarn needle, ½” (13mm) thick dowel approximately 20” (51 cm) long or desired length. In the pattern you will have the step by step of two basket sizes. This is also according to what you need. If you choose to make all three the same size, it won’t change the final piece, it will look just as beautiful.

    The complete hanging baskets pattern is available from Yarnspiration. There are thread suggestions, important notes, abbreviations, materials and how to finish the piece. We hope you like this pattern as much as we do and make great use of this organizer.

    We were happy to have you here, wanting to learn new patterns and craft techniques. We’ll be back soon with more ideas, but for now, let’s crochet!

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    Origami Crochet Cardigan – Free Pattern

    You know that cardigan that looks simple, but makes all the difference in the look? This is the Origami Crochet Cardigan Pattern. It’s so beautiful that after it’s finished, it takes a while to believe that it’s not from a super expensive store. Here was the reaction of everyone who saw the cardigan ready. In addition to being elegant, it is a super cozy cardigan, because crochet is a technique that values ​​the yarn.

    It maintains the softness and beauty of the yarn. For this, the yarn has to be of good quality too, ensuring a beautiful piece for longer. In addition, some basic care should also be taken, such as washing the piece by hand, with cold water and dry flat. It may not look like it, but the part level is easy.

    That’s because the stitches you need to know to make the cardigan are easy, the basics of crochet. In the pattern you will find three different cardigan sizes. Each of them has the amount of yarn needed considering the suggested yarn. The yarn yield varies a lot depending on the crochet hook you are going to use and the stitch of each one.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

    Some people have a tighter but firm point. Others manage to loosen the stitch more, and end up using more thread. But this you will only be able to define with time of practice and testing the chosen yarn. The complete Origami Crochet Cardigan pattern, sizes, step by step, abbreviations and suggested materials are available at Yarnspiration.

    Almost unbelievable, but this super complete pattern is free. We separate this space for that, meetings of artisans who seek new patterns for charming pieces. It is always a pleasure to have you here. We were very happy to read your reports of how it was to make the play, opinions. Feel free to tell us!

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    Coffee Mug Cozy – Crochet Pattern

    Nothing better than having lots of hot drinks on hot days, and to make these moments even more charming, how about investing in a coffee mug cozy? Sipping on a hot chocolate and holding it to warm your hands and not letting the hot chocolate get cold has a comforting feeling. In addition to making your dishes look even more interesting, they protect your fingers in case you bump them into the cup with very hot liquid.

     I didn’t know about this item, it’s been a while since it entered my daily life. As soon as I found this pattern, I made a point of testing and seeing how it looks. It’s easy to do, it doesn’t need much skill. If you’ve never crocheted, it’s a great piece to start with. The stitch is simple and the piece is small.

    When I started to crochet, small pieces were the ones I made the most. It’s faster to finish the piece, and whenever it’s done, we’re very happy and proud of our work. This motivates and excites me to continue and have several covers ready. You can assemble kits, so the whole family gets protected, beautiful and personalized mugs.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

    Coffee Mug Cozy Pattern

    Crochet is a technique that does not require many materials. The only frequent investment is the wires. Crochet hooks, as much as there are many numbers, they last for a long time. Here below we will describe the materials and abbreviations that are important to know before starting. Separate everything before you start making it, this ensures that you won’t have to run out to buy some material.


    • Hook: (H) 5.00mm;
    • 35 – 45 yds worsted, medium weight yarn;
    • Yarn needle;
    • (3) ½‘’ buttons;
    • Embellishments, patch, or flower (Optional);
    • One 11 oz. straight sided mug.


    • ( ): work instructions within parentheses as many times as directed;
    • Ch: chain stitch;
    • Dec: decrease, insert hook in first st, yo, draw up a loop, insert hook in next st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, pull through 3 loops;
    • Inc: increase, 2 sc in one st sc: single crochet.

    The complete pattern is available on Ravelry, with the step-by-step PDF. We’d love to hear from you about the standards. If you want, you can use the comment box. It is always very good and pleasant to have you here, we are happy. We always look for the most complete standards that will bring as much information as possible. Now, time to start crocheting!

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    Rippled Fast Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern

    Let’s do the Rippled Fast Crochet Blanket? Crochet blankets are very comfortable and versatile. Nothing beats getting home, at the end of an intense day and snuggling up on the couch with a fluffy crochet blanket. They are soft, warm and give that cozy feeling. Crochet blanket patterns are very versatile because one pattern can be adapted for various occasions.

    The thread color usually determines where you will use the blanket. Lighter colors like pink, blue, green, yellow are great choices for baby blankets. You can match the color of the baby’s layette. This piece is indispensable, all moms and dads love it. You can use the blanket as a decoration item in the room. They always look very elegant in the decoration of the sofa or an armchair.

    Choose colors that are already in the environment, it is much easier to harmonize the piece. The charm of the rippled fast crochet blanket is the stitch and the rows that are formed along the entire length. Speaking of size, this pattern measures 36 x 28 in (91 x 71 cm). Because it’s a straight, rectangular blanket, it’s easy to increase or decrease the size. Measure the rounds and make the adjustments you want.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Life

    In crochet it is very important to choose the thread and the crochet hook, the main materials for this technique. They also determine part yield. If you have any doubts when choosing, check out the suggestions available in the pattern. In craft stores we always have many options, but don’t let that confuse you.

    In this pattern, the blanket is worked flat. Only light blocking if necessary for this piece. The yarn used for this blanket contains natural fiber and requires special laundering. Please read yarn labels and follow directions to maintain the life of your crochet work. The complete pattern is available at Crochet Life with important step-by-step tips.

    This blanket will be a hit, whether in your home, for sale, or as a gift. Crochet is always a good option, it looks beautiful and pleases a lot of people. Tell us what you think and what it was like to do it. We hope to see you again soon. Now, let’s crochet!

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