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    Snowman Crochet Pattern

    The world of crochet is made up of countless different patterns of all tastes. Each crochet work is certainly rewarding and makes you think of a more handmade style differing or even remembering your grandmother with a memory of her spending hours in her chair with a crochet in her hand, which is increasing more and more as the hours pass during the day! The good thing about crochet is that it never goes out of style, always used in all things.

    This craftsmanship is always renewed, updating and having new combinations of colors and patterns together, other points and new utilities with each work done and invented, combining very well in new styles even than the modern ones, since the crochet has been updating and modernizing. Each work started is a new adventure and new learning, improving concentration and motor coordination.

    About Snowman Pattern

    The pattern of the Snowman is very delicate and fluffy which falls very well in Christmas and winter decoration. There is no age to be made whether it is young or old, this pattern everyone likes and very gratifying to make these snowmen. Well, as I know there are many people who are always on our site who loves crochet, crochet lover .. can make this doll to make your house and its decoration more cheerful on Christmas night.

    It will also be a great gift if you want to give someone a present, something so beautiful and delicate done by your hands. This snowman pattern are cute and addictive to make. They are great for the holidays so take time to make the Christmas tree ornaments and their decorations, etc. The level of this patten is intermediate, if you knew the basics of crochet, you should be able to choose some patterns to start with. Appreciate.

    I love this kind of work and the kids love it too. They love all kinds of crochet bug and snowman. This pattern is wonderful, can leave it on the shelf as decoration or put on your Christmas tree. On the internet have several types of snowman of various models I brought a template for you. Christmas is in the air let’s enjoy it!

    I leave below the link to the written pattern, step by step to better understand and get to do this beautiful work. A lot of dedication and love in your work takes you away, good work.

    Follow our facebook page on Crochet & Knitting Free Patterns and our Crochet & Knitting Grurpo. We give weekly tips with Free pattern. I see you there.

    Access the Step-by-Step Written –  Pattern  Snowman Crochet

    I leave this template if you prefer

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    Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern

    The world of handicrafts is something of a passion. The quilts are very charming. In the past, the quilt was a popular thing about grandparents and they’d already taught for their granddaughters. Every beginning is really beautiful and time-consuming because learning is gradually learning and improving your skills and increasing creativity each time you finish your project, your quilt. Putting together the pieces of fabric, it will form something incredible, these fabrics may be from other works or fabrics won, save them for your next patchwork.

    Today we are going to talk about another quilt craft project, which everyone already knows and loves because the quilt always succeeds. As the name itself says, it is made up of pieces of fabric that are stitched together which gives a fantastic result and then inserted a lining. The quilt can be simple or more detailed having a result of a quilt that heats up and is cozy. To help you all in this project we leave in this article several tips and instructions on how to make this beautiful pattern.

    Image Felice Regina

    Many people like quilts made with retail and with this is a great opportunity to produce and sell this product to have an extra income with something they love to do. There are several ways to make quilts, in general, the technique used is simple, and it is great for beginners to get their first quilt even at the beginner level.

    When I spend time left I am browsing my basket where I keep the leftovers from other works, I keep everything because it is always useful. Always organized and separated by color, putting in bags to not mix and fill up with gorgeous fabrics for new designs. This medallion quilt was designed with the junction of several favorite pieces of Felice Regina, she designed this wonderful design. She named it Solstice Medallion because it reminds us of our solar system made the sun in the center of the quilt.

    Pattern Details

    Name: Solstice Medallion
    Project Size: 53 x 53 ”
    Fabric: Heather Ross / Munki Munki, and some Tula Pink, Patty Sloniger, Teagan White
    Pattern: Solstice Medallion
    Medallion Center – Night Star
    Padding Type: Spiral

    Prepare the tissues

    The first step before you begin is to pick and separate all the fabrics you will use in your work. I left above all the used fabrics, which one of the places. Think about how your work will look like. Wash the tissues and pass not to rinse by getting everything stretched faciitand until the time to sew. As you already know we are passionate about crafts, as we have already made available on our website numerous patterns and various sewing and step by step tips.


    A seam allowance of 0.25 “was used. How we do everything with our hands never exits perfectly all the same seams, only with a machine.

    Below is the graph and pattern with step by step for all, enjoy and good work. You can find other medallion patterns that I leave as a hint at Amazon. To always be linked to all patterns, follow our page on facebook CK Crafts and our Love Quilting Group. We give weekly tips with Free Padroes. I see you there.

    Step by Step Pattern Felice Regina ➩ Solstice Medallion Quilt

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    Block a Week CAL (Patterns Written )

    The crochet has been modernized every day and is no longer a pastime for the elderly, but also reaching more and more people of all ages. The Block a Week 2014 crochet bedspreads will surely make you think of a more handcrafted quilt or blanket style and even your grandmother spend hours with a crochet in her hand, increasing and increasing as hours go by.

    Whether in bed or on the couch, in winter we always want to be under warm blankets. Crochet bedspreads, in addition to super comfortable and warm, still bring a lot of style to your home decor. Be up the bed, finishing the coverage of the sheets and duvets, or the sofa, accompanied by cushions to leave the space super cozy.


    Hooks 3.5 mm (E)
    ① Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (White)
    ② Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (Denim)
    ③ Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit
    Colorway (Sky)

    The Week Crochet Quilt is one of those that never goes out of style, because the craftsmanship is always renewed in its combinations, points and utilities, entering very well in new and modern styles. After all, they are doubly useful: to warm us up and make the house more stylish and cozy.


    18.5cm Smaller Blocks / 40cm Large Block

    That’s why today we brought a post with only the most interesting crochet Week CAL quilts, for almost all styles, from the most rustic to those who like a more modern tone. The center of this pattern you find here (The Enchanted Garden Tote) this step by step you find in ravelry.


    Follow the 2 patterns for the confection of this Crochet  Patterns Block a Week CAL 2014 – (The Enchanted Garden Tote) For those who already know how to crochet, it’s time to lose the fear of bigger projects and start using this craft to decorate your home! For those of you who are completely new to the game, we’ve separated some tips to get you started on how to choose your graphic, line, needle and quilt type, of course, from our traditional photo gallery with many different designs – some with graphics and tutorials. Take advantage to know our popular articles on crocheted carpets, crochet curtains and crochet sousplat. The pattern found was made by photos above © SharonBlignaut.

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    Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

    Crochet has increasingly taken up space in the world of crafts, every year creates thousands of new patterns. So having always patterns and novelties to practice and increase the skills and if you have a store that sells your jobs can make new designs to increase your sales and thus increase your profits. Crochet never goes out of style, you will always be welcome in various types of work and pieces as it is charming.

    The crochet pattern I bring in this post is known from Sophie Loves Bjorn Winter a blanket that was created by Emma Aldous. I love blankets, simple quilts down to the most complex and full of details, endless combinations of colors, so I will always love these wonders. Any combination of colors you put in can be sure that the end will be amazing. This quilt is sensational.

    For all those who like to be always changing the bedspread, or giving quilt as a gift to someone dear this is a great opportunity, still something done by you with your own hands is very special. The quilt lasts for years and will always be beautiful, every job has a reward. This pattern is a union of patterns Mandala Dandelion, Dandelion Edge, Circles of the Sun and parts of Sophie’s Universe CAL, a fantastic blend, a masterpiece.

    I leave here for you the tips of Ravelry’s Pattern Made by Emma Aldous(Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Loves Polly Plum Winter Blanket) with all the necessary instructions to make this wonder, a beautiful pattern. A full-size pdf of all sizes to help you make this quilt all seem to love this CAL pattern from Sophie’s Universe. Make the size you want, the size of the blanket depends on your purpose and where you will use. Link to the free pattern below. If you want to learn even more about mandalas we have a good tip for you Mandalas to Crochet: 30 Great Patterns (Knit & Crochet).

    Follow Our page on facebook Crochet & Knitting Free Patterns and our Crochet & Knitting Grurpo. We give tips weekly with Free Patterns. See you there. To make the center of this pattern I leave the pattern for you Dandelion Mandala Overlay Crochet.

    Pattern PDF Free Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

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    Christmas Tree Bedspread

    Hi, my friends from the craft world, I am so happy and passionate every time I see new patterns that I see that we know very little because there are many patterns of crochet in the world to learn. Each time has a different point and from that point can do a plethora of designs and pieces and join with other pattern making a wonderful project. Each time I learn and see more news I feel more willing to practice to increase our skills and level up in the craft and can make more complex patterns more and more.

    In the crafts we have many areas and in this post we will learn a pattern of patchwork, a quilt to practice and go to our collection. Every new thing is a new fun for all, especially for our hobby giving us much satisfaction. As Christmas is coming we are going to start our preparations, decorations, finally, whatever you want to do to make your home more cozy and beautiful for this special date, we join with the family and talk and exchange gifts.

    The Christmas decoration is so beautiful, even more done by ourselves in our home, it is wonderful. We can make this pattern to decorate the wall of the room, or entrance for all guests to see on this day so beautiful. This tree is colored and made up of several different fabrics to get more cheerful and beautiful with different colors and different designs. Who does not like to decorate the house is not really, so enjoy this pattern.

    The Christmas dinner is very magical and welcoming and it is a beautiful table decorated for that season. Use a lot of red, green and white are traditional Christmas colors, and can be used watermelon, magenta, burgundy and even pink, but can leave your home with the colors you prefer and match your decor.

    Below I leave the link containing the free pattern of this beautiful project, I hope you like it and always stay connected to the new patterns here on our site that always made news for you. Good work, everyone.

    Pattern Free PDF – Christmas Tree Mini Bedspread

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    Charlotte’s Dream Pattern

    Crochet is a type of craft that is made with threads and needles, hooks. The result of the work looks like a lacy knit with the chosen stitch. There are numerous different points in the world of crochet and every day increases diversity, leaving more modern and current their work. There are works that remind me of childhood because it is so delicate and perfect the design and the combination of colors. Crocheting used to be a thing of the elderly, of old people, but nowadays it is being made by various ages. It is used for a hobby, distraction, also as a treatment for depression, increases motor coordination, is always moving the brain and memory and other things.

    This pattern of crochet is wonderful and is the beginning of a work because it is the center of it. This point is called Charlotte’s Dream Pattern, and consists of 12 squares of Charlotte that can make in 12 different colors or use 2 colors as you prefer and like. When he begins to make the first square, he already wakes up the imagination for new works in creating a blanket, quilt or even a different decoration, whatever he wants to do.

    Necessary materials

    • 3.5mm crochet hook
    • Scheepjes Stonewashed (# 2)
    • Color Contrast Color A
      – 2 skeins (220 meters) of Pink Quartz (820)
      – Blue Apatite (805)
      – Canada Jade (806)
      – Yellow Jasper (809)
      – Granada (810)
      – Deep Amethyst (811)
      – Lemon Quartz (812)
      – Amazonite (813)
      – Green Agate (815)
      – Coral (816)
      – Quartz Lilacs (818)
      – Carnelian (823)
    • Main Color 1 / Color B – 12 skeins (1500 meters) of color Stone of the Moon (801)
    • Main Color 2 / Color C – 12 Picks (1450 Meters) Smokey Quartz Color (802)

    These colors are those that were used in the original pattern but can use the colors you prefer. The photos left here helped you get a sense of how your work will end up.

    Abbreviations – US Terminology

    Ch – Current
    BP – Post behind (the hook comes from back to front of the point)
    CC – contrasting color
    Dc – Double Crochet
    FP – Front post (insert your hook from front to back around the post of the indicated point and complete the stitch normally)
    Hdc – half crochet tip
    MC – main color
    Sc – Simple Crochet
    Sl st – Slip stitch
    St / st’s – Points / points


    The asterisk symbol means it will have pattern repeats. Thus having to repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times you ask.

    () – The parentheses means repetitions. Where you have to repeat the instructions that are within the parentheses the number of times requested. They are also used to tell how many stitches will be worked in the same space.

    Below I leave the link of the sequence of the pattern so that they can do this marvel too.

    Step by Step  Charlotte’s Dream Pattern part 1
    Charlotte’s Dream Pattern part 2
    Charlotte’s Dream Pattern part 3

    Choose the colors you prefer for your job depending on what you are going to do, with vibrant colors or if it is for babies and children it gets lovely clear and sweet colors. I hope this pattern brings you joy and satisfaction as it has brought us. The flower of the center pattern is embossed making a texture leaving the pattern more delicate, making the points not so tight. Each square made of this pattern will have to measure 42 cm (16.5 “) and the pattern size is 172 cm (68 “) x 130 cm (51”).

    If you want yarn tips for your work from Charlotte’s Dream Pattern here’s a good tip on amazon. Follow our page on facebook Crochet and Knit Free Patterns and our Crochet & Knitting Grurpo. We give weekly tips with Free Padroes. I see you there.

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    Crochet Christmas Tree

    Christmas is coming and it is where we gather the whole family to celebrate, it is a very important date, and with that the preparations and projects have to start as well. It’s time to put into practice all those patterns that are saved in your folder or on your computer. Prepare Christmas ornaments for your tree, for the fireplace, for the table and also for the living room where you will gather the family with that beautiful tree, the crochet never goes out of style so enjoy your skills and make your own Christmas decoration .

    The crochet tree pattern can be used to decorate your Christmas tree or other places you prefer, or even use to decorate some gift that you want to give Christmas. It is a quick and easy technique to do and that is beautiful the result. To decorate more can put beads, glitters, bows or ribbons, the more personalized and the better the better.

    Great standard for those who are starting now in the world of handicrafts, because being easy people at the beginner level can do too, so practicing and having more experiences, do not be afraid to try, we must always seek to learn. The size varies according to the number of points you make, if you want a bigger one you will have to make more points and increase your tree.

    In the video below you will have the step by step that will help to make and remove all doubts, being able to do with the person of the video, that way it is better because we learn better looking than just reading the pattern. I hope you like and enjoy.


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    Scrap Nine Patch

    This Scrap Nine Patch quilt block pattern is an easy design, perfect for all quilters, from beginning to end. The center of nine patches is placed on the spot, surrounding it with corner triangles. Sew quilt blocks in pairs. You will create nine-pack block pairs and each block in one pair will contain the same fabrics, but the nine patch centers will be configured differently.

    Today we have something new in your patchwork, updating the site here for you, bring a new pattern to your new projects and put into practice everything we learned here and what is on your list. Challenge yourself and have fun in the world of crafts.

    In this subject today we will learn the quilt / patchwork pattern and increase our designs, craftsman always has to upgrade himself mainly when we need to update our designs and products in his store. This pattern is gorgeous, colorful and very lively, and you can do this in a variety of ways. Choose where to put this design, the tip is to make a good match with your decor and put on the wall, being very common as well as making a quilt with the patterns.

    The patchwork is much used in decorations and bedspreads, and we must learn to specialize more and more in what we like and with love. Enjoy every pattern I leave here for you. The pattern is called Scrap Nine Patch, which is sporty and relaxed and consists of several small squares that together give a beautiful result. The size of the quilt depends on how many squares we make and assemble together.

    Tips for choosing fabrics:

    For green, try green Hunter instead of green spring.
    For red, try red barn instead of red tomato.
    Use gold instead of yellow.
    Try blue Wedgwood instead of bright blue. Sew a long, dark strip of 2-1 / 2 “x 7-3 / 4” lengthwise on each side of a strip of muslin of the same size. Press to set seams. Press the margins for the dark bands. Frame one end of the strip assembly. Make cuts of three 2-1 / 2 “segments, starting with the square end. Sew a long 2-1 / 2 “x 7-3 / 4” muslin strip lengthwise on each side of a dark strip of the same size. Set the seams and press the margins to the dark range. Frame one end of the new set of straps. Cut three 2-1 / 2 “segments. Mount the nine patch centers. Gather two segments with muslin on its outer edges and one with a square of muslin in the center. Sew the segments together on three lines, using the segment with a muslin center on line 2, at the midpoint of the block. Press the sewing tolerances in any direction. Gather the remaining segments and stitch them together into three lines, placing the segment with a dark center square on line 2 at the midpoint of the block. Press the sewing tolerances in any direction. Each block of nine patches should measure 6-1 / 2 “square. If you do not, use one of my easy techniques to pack the quilt block.

    The PDF standard will help you better. I hope you enjoy and enjoy every information in the PDF standard, step by step and graphic to better understand and help you. Good job.

    Follow our Facebook page on Ck Crafts, and our Love Quilting group. We give weekly tips with free pattern. I see you there.

    Pattern Scrap Nine Patch by Cindy Carter

    Resultado de imagem para Scrap Nine Patch

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    Bavarian Crochet Blanket

    Written Instructions

    With a hook that complements the wire, you can achieve that point. Mikey used Caron Simply Soft and a 6mm size, J Crochet Hook in the video example.
    You can use as many or as few colors as possible. Most people run around with colors because this pattern really works well with it.
    In the video, I explain how each square is a quadrant of 4. The instructions below correspond to this concept.

    Special Abbreviations

    ch = string
    tr = treble
    beg = start
    sl st = slip point
    sc = Single Crochet
    st (s) = sew

    4-tr cl = Hold the last loop of each point on the hook to join them, 4 tr at a point mentioned, pass the wire, pull all 5 loops on the hook.
    4-bptr dec = Hold the last loop of each point on the hook, bptr around each of the next 4 points indicated, pass the wire, pull through all 5 loops on the hook.
    8-bptr dec = Hold the last loop of each point on the hook, bptr around each of the next 4 points indicated, use only the points tr and ignore the mean sc point between the squares. Collect all 9 loops on the hook and wire to pull all the loops on the hook.

    Follow our Facebook page on Ck Crafts, and our Crochet Lovers We give weekly tips with free pattern. I see you there.

    Pattern Free ☞ Bavarian Crochet Blanket ☜

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    Log Cabin Echoes

    Let’s move on to another wonderful patchwork world pattern to make a fabulous quilt made by you. One more of the news I said I had several and brought it to you. This will be on the standard Log Cabin Echoes. It is a pattern that looks like geometric figures, squares inside the other that gives a 3D image look, which by the way looks very beautiful and modern.

    One more standard option to make, so let’s choose your work to be done. I really like the craft and the patchwork is very varied in terms of pattern to make because we can resize or shapes making so new pattern, every piece of cut and sewn fabric will change the end result of your work.

    Then prepare your materials and work with your hands. take the fabrics to wash, and choose pass so that they match with each other to give a good result, choose the colors, tone on tone looks fabulous, and get the job done. It’s super super easy. Just a lot of piecing. But again, that gave me another scratch on my smallest blues. As I used the whites / creams as a backdrop, I was able to use some light blue in the dark part – which made it easier to find the parts I needed.

    So I decided to help myself by starting to piece together. I put the first two lines together – then made a few more blocks and put the next 3 lines together. Then, close the next 100 blocks and place the next 5 lines together. By this time, I was getting faster at making the blocks – and more slowly at finding usable pieces – pieces with enough to cut 5.5 “strips. I had to dig in my box of medium / dark blues that I had not used it yet-and it made it faster to cut larger pieces, and so on.I was able to finish this top a few days ago.

    You can go riding, sewing up the size you want the quilt or rug, or ornament to put on the wall to decorate the environment. I want you to like it because it has a great result, have fun doing that pattern, you are capable. Good work and up to the approach. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I tend to like those that involve more heavy patches than the ones I can shake faster. I think it’s because I like the complexity of the visual. I have not come up with thumbnails yet, but if I did it would be great. I have a lot of fabric and I do not have enough patience to try miniatures!

    And that’s what’s happening in my part of the quilting world!

    Follow our Facebook page on Ck Crafts, and our Love Quilting group. We give weekly tips with free pattern. I see you there.

    Pattern Free ▶ Log Cabin Echoes ◀

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