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    Spring Breeze Crochet Turban – Free Pattern

    Spring Breeze Crochet Turban. Hey loves, how gratifying to find you here, another day with us, to learn new and beautiful pieces for you to make in the comfort of your home. Part your hair to the side or put it back. Sometimes in front of the mirror, you look for a new look and not always a cut or hairstyle solves it. An accessory can help and the crochet turban is a great option.

    The turban is a head accessory with a long history. For some cultures it is a symbol of protection and for others a sign of respect. Crochet is that kind of material that never goes out of style. Unlike knitting, it’s not just part of winter fashion. It is a mutant, being able to undergo adaptations and be used all year round. A good example of a timeless piece with this type of art is the crochet turban.

    The turban is a winter fashion accessory but nothing prevents it from use it all year round if it has open stitches and is a little more delicate. It makes the look different, with a special touch that barrettes and crowns do not solve or would not have the same impact. The traditional turban is wrapped in a characteristic way from a large rectangular fabric. To use the crochet turban modelyou just need to fit and that’s it.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Croby Pattern

    More practical impossible! You can use the crochet turban in the look as a neutral piece and fits like you would a hat. Choose neutral colors like graphite gray, black, brown, beige, white and the like and you will have a piece to match any look. The important thing is to always remember the informality of the crochet turban. It’s a casual piece, going well with a work look and at a party with friends but not much else.

    Baby needs a warm head and the crochet turban can help. Between days of life and one year of age, the child needs to keep warm and body temperature stable. And all this you can do from Spring Breeze Crochet Turban, available in Croby Patterns. The only difference between the turban for adults and children is the size and you can adapt it from the same pattern. Shall we crochet? We are already looking forward to seeing a lot of crochet turbans out there.

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    Fletcher Quilt – Free Pattern

    Hi loves! Ready to spend another week with us, learning a lot of beautiful things? Our team put together some very complete patterns and we’re going to have a really amazing week together. For starters, how about a quilt? The Fletcher Quilt is very cool, a different model that comes with very pretty prints and colors. Fletcher is a great introduction to using diagonal lines in your quilts. 

    It is especially for beginners, which makes it an easy and relaxing pattern for more experienced quilters. That is, everyone can make this model to make their home even more beautiful and cozy. Quilts can occupy different places in our homes. Whether to leave it on the sofa, in an armchair, covering your bed. For this, we often need different sizes of quilt. 

    Thinking of helping you in this sense too, in the pattern you will learn the adaptations to make five sizes. Crib Quilt, Napping Quilt, Twin Quilt, Queen Quilt. The measurements are there in the pattern and you can see what best fits the environment you are thinking about using it. As for materials, when choosing fabric, don’t use stretchy fabrics. Choose soft, comfortable to touch and quality fabrics.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Shiny Happy World

    It doesn’t have to be the most expensive in the store, but it has to be a resistant fabric that lasts a few washes and keeps its color and softness to the touch. The quilt artist recommends using the 1/4″ foot for all sewing. It will make your piecing much more accurate and eliminate potential headaches in all the quilts you make. The choice of colors and prints is totally free for you to make your combinations.

    Do you feel very lost and insecure in this part, afraid that the fabrics won’t match? In the pattern you also find some tips and new combinations. Access Shiny Happy World to see the fletcher quilt complete pattern and all the cutting and sewing instructions. Once you understand the step by step, just separate the materials and start the fun part, quilting!

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    Patchwork Storage Cube – Free Pattern

    Hey loves! Long time no talk, we already missed you. Don’t think that we stopped, during this time our team continued to separate new patterns and ideas to share and learn together with you. For you who love handmade decoration and need new tips to better organize your home, we have a great craft suggestion. Today’s idea is the patchwork storage cube, a tutorial that will teach you how to make this object that helps us organize things in our house.

    You can use them to store toys, books, clothes, cables, pillows. There are countless uses and with a very light price, just creativity and following the care that the artist teaches. After all, making your own organizing boxes is a very economical activity. You will need materials you have at home and spend much less compared to buying in a store.

    And this box is very beautiful and can be part of the decoration of the environment. Just match the color and prints of the fabrics with the colors of the environment. If you have space on the furniture, take the measurements and make a box that fits in that space. It makes everything even more organized. You can place the handles in the same way as in the pattern. It is a great option for children to participate and help with the organization. They can pull out boxes, pick up toys and take them all together. Make a box with themed fabrics so they know which ones are theirs.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

    Patchwork Storage Cube Pattern

    Here are the materials you will need:

    Patchwork Storage Cube Tutorial Supplies

    • Simple sewing machine;
    • Thread;
    • Cutting mat;
    • Ruler;
    • Rotary cutter;
    • straight pins;
    • iron & ironing board.

    Optional Supplies (that’ll make things easier)

    • Wonder Clips;
    • Disappearing ink pen;
    • Best Press starch;
    • Wonder Clips Walking foot for sewing machine.

    Fabric Requirments

    • Exterior Fabric (canvas or home decor fabric recommended): 1 yard;
    • Lining: 1 yard;
    • Fabric for 12″ Sawtooth Star block – requirements listed here;
    • Pellon Flex Foam 2-Sided Fusible Stabilizer (FF78F2) 20″ width of bolt: 2 yards (you can also use a similar fuse or sew-in stabilizer).

    To help in this moment of art and therapy, we are going to leave here the pattern for you to learn how to make the patchwork storage cube.

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    Children’s Houston Hoodie – Free Pattern

    Hey loves! Too excited to learn a new pattern? Our team has separated a beautiful model for you to make for the kids. The Children’s Houston Hoodie is a beautiful sweater that you can make, all in crochet. In the same pattern you will learn different sizes, from 2 to 12. The crochet technique is very cool and versatile, but you already know that. With this pattern you will learn how to make the sweater and the hood.

    It is the most beautiful thing and is very comfortable. If the child is not used to wearing caps, the hood is an excellent alternative to keep them protected on the coldest days. Choose thicker yarns for these types of patternsif you pretend make them for even colder days. Depending on the yarn chosen, it is normal to notice some changes in the final piece.

    In addition, the crochet hook and who is doing it change the yarn’s yield. You can make it with the color that the little one prefers, you can even make it colorful, if you have a little more experience to change yarn. Let’s talk about some important notes for making children’s houston hoodie. Starting chain does not count as first stitch unless stated otherwise within the pattern.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Two Brothers Blankets

    You will have a slightly slanting seam on the back of your sweater. Garment is worked from the top down, with hem, sleeves, and hood added at the end. Hem and sleeves are worked in the smallest size with additional sizes in parentheses. Stitch count for all sizes will be in parentheses at the end of each round/row. Ready to crochet? Here are the materials you will need:

    • 580 – 1100 yards worsted weight (#4) yarn;
    • H (5.00mm) crochet hook;
    • scissors;
    • measuring tape;
    • Yarn needle 2 stitch markers.

    The amount of yarn varies according to the size you are going to make. But it’s always good to have some leftovers, a little extra. The pattern is available in Two Brothers Blankets. Read it for the first time, choose the size, your yarn and then just crochet. Take it easy, taking advantage of this moment. And if you have any doubts, let us know in the comments.

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    Kris Kross Quilted Lunch Bag – Free Pattern

    Hi my loves! Let’s make this week amazing? So stay here with us to learn a new model. The Kris Kross Quilted Luch Bag is a really cool pattern to make. Beautiful and with a simple pattern, you will love making and having a lunch bag like this. This is another pattern where you will practice some of your sewing skills. If you’re not used to sewing yet, don’t worry.

    Stay here with us and check out all the tips and instructions that are in the pattern. The lunch bag is perfect to take with you on different occasions. You can take it to work, course, make one for the kids to take to school. It’s amazing and it’s a bag that lasts a long time if taken care of. To prevent food and drink stains, you can put a layer of waterproof fabric on the inside.

    This ensures that the bag will stay dry and clean even if accidents happen. The colors of the lunch bag are very beautiful, classic colors that combine very well with each other. In this pattern, the designer chose to use plain fabrics and a single print, but very discreet. If you want to follow the same style, the fabrics are described in the pattern and can help you when choosing.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

    As for quality, don’t use very weak fabrics. We always carry a little weight inside these bags. Quality fabrics are not the most expensive in the store. Choose one that, even after sewing and a few washes, is still beautiful and maintains the shape of the piece. To make the kris kross quilted lunch bag you will need:

    • Fabric – 1/8 yard each of any four colors;
    • Lining – cotton or ripstop nylon, 12″ x 30″;
    • Batting – 12″ x 30″;
    • Spray baste or basting pins;
    • cutting mat;
    • Quilting ruler;
    • Rotary cutter;
    • scissors;
    • Sew-on Velcro – about 8″;
    • Sewing pins (or binding clips if you’re going to use ripstop nylon for the lining).

    Excited to get started? The kris kross quilted lunch bag pattern is available from Suzy Quilts, with measurements and photos of every step. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments.

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    Holiday Table Runner – Free Pattern

    Hello my loves! How is your weekend going? We hope you are making the most of it. If you have time, why not take the opportunity to do the Holiday Table Runner? A fast and very amazing pattern. The table, the moment of the meal takes on another feeling. It makes everything more beautiful, more organized and shows all the affection you had when preparing the table. A table set makes all the difference.

    The holiday table runner has a beautiful pattern, it may look simple, but it is very elegant. It is a model made from appliqués that, unlike other models, are not sewn one by one. In the photos and in the step by step you can see that the images are cropped and do not have a very specific format. After that, you place the images on the table runner and the seam is straight, in stripes.

    It’s amazing right? And if you don’t have much practice in sewing, and are afraid to make the contours that are necessary for the appliqués, here is a perfect opportunity. The colors of this pattern are very beautiful. But if you don’t like blue or want to do it in another color, many combinations are possible. Remember that they must contrast, so that the appliqués are evident.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

    This type of piece is perfect for gifting a loved one. If you’re thinking of selling, you can make kits with placemats too. It’s going to be amazing. When choosing fabrics, remember to prioritize quality. You don’t need to buy the most expensive one in the store, but the fabric should last a few washes. You can wash it before starting to sew.

    This way the excess paint comes out and, if the fabric shrinks, it won’t damage the piece after it’s ready. Also, when making the table runner, measure the size on your table or furniture you are going to use. If you want longer, the size of the table, shorter. There are many options and choices like these that must be made before starting to cut.

    Ready to get start? Come check out the step by step of the holiday table runner at Suzy Quilts. All the information you need will be described there. And you already know, was there any doubt? Tell us here in the comments. We are very happy to know what you think of the patterns we bring here.

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    Baby Sweater with Hoodie – Free Pattern

    Hello my loves! We hope to find you all well. Are you able to crochet? You know that this is the best way to improve and that’s why we always comment here. Looking for a new idea to get inspired? Come learn with us Baby Sweater with Hoodie. Crochet is a technique that allows you to transform wool and yarn into amazing pieces of decoration, accessories and clothes for all ages.

    Children’s clothes, for example, are an excellent alternative if you want to earn money with crochet. Crochet clothes are part of a tradition that, even today, conquers the eyes of fathers and mothers. In addition to beauty, the durability of the pieces and the versatility of crochet are great advantages that you should take into account. You need few materials and some of them last a long time.

    When choosing yarn, choose anti-allergenic ones. They are the best for little ones. Crochet clothes are very comfortable, soft and make the baby comfortable to keep moving, they are malleable. Jackets are ideal for protecting babies and children in winter. In today’s pattern, as it is a short-sleeved sweater, more suitable for mild days, choose yarns that are not too thick.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Moogly Blog

    If you already have a little more practice and want to modify it, do it with long sleeves, it’s beautiful too. For the colorful details, you can reuse yarns left over from other projects. As for the size, in the pattern we have two available, from 0 to 6 months and from 6 to 12 months. Measure on your little one, see what fits best.

    Ready to start crocheting? The baby sweater with hoodie pattern is available on the Moogly Blog. Step by step, materials and measurements are there. This pattern is very beautiful and a detailed walkthrough like this helps us learn and evolve. Tell us about your experience with crafts, if you’ve been crocheting for a long time. Suggest what you want to learn too, baby clothes, blankets, rugs. We are very happy with your feedback. All very well? Let’s crochet!

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    Crochet Baby Bunting Bag – Free Pattern

    Hello loves! What a joy to meet you here once again. We are very grateful to know that you remember us when you want to learn new patterns. We are here for that, to help you and bring new ideas to encourage you to continue creating. Let’s start? The Crochet Baby Bunting Bag is that piece you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. In addition to the pattern being amazing, with a beautiful stitch, you can use it in many ways.

    Always looking to keep our little one warm and comfortable. You can put it in the stroller for a walk, it is more comfortable for the little one and you are sure that he is all protected. If you still don’t crochet, but want to start, stay here with us to learn. Crocheting is an incredible technique that allows us to make the most different pieces.

    Whether to sell, for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you love, crochet pieces are always a success. Also, to crochet you don’t need a lot of investment, few materials are needed. If you still don’t know yarns, there are many options that you can find in craft stores. You can follow the suggestion that is in the pattern or ask for some indication. Remember that the play is for babies.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: My Hobby is Crochet

    The yarn should be soft, not scratching or irritating the baby’s skin. Today we find hypoallergenic yarns, perfect for this type of pattern. As for the buttons, give preference to plain buttons, without too much detail and tips so as not to hurt. Make sure they are securely attached to the piece. Babies sound too fast and we can’t take any chances with them. For more warmth you can insert a fleece or jersey fabric lining, before starting the edging around the entire piece.

    As for the size, you can easily change it by increasing the length if you want to wear it longer or your baby is bigger. You will find the complete pattern in My Hobby is Crochet. If you have any doubts about the crochet baby bunting bag step by step, come talk to us here in the comments. We hope you enjoy this pattern, take it as inspiration to continue crocheting beautiful pieces. Time to crochet!

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    Baby Mary Janes – Free Crochet Pattern

    Hi my loves! Another beautiful day for all of us. We hope to find you all well, healthy and eager to learn. During these days that we didn’t appear here, we continued testing and separating new patterns to share with you. Thinking about making our little ones more comfortable, come learn Baby Mary Janes with us. This pattern is the most beautiful thing, with different details that make the shoe even more attractive.

    The double strapped helps a lot when attaching the shoe to the little ones. The most common thing is that they take it off or fall in the middle of the way and we can’t find it anymore. With the straps it stays on the foot, but without squeezing or making it uncomfortable. That’s because the crochet pieces are very malleable, they don’t squeeze the baby’s foot, or affect the movement.

    If you have doubts about the size, you can always measure the “sole” of the shoe. This is the first part you are going to do. Size ok? Just continue following the steps that are described in the pattern. The artisan used two colors to make the baby mary janes. You can follow the same design, make it with a single color, make the strap colored. Use and abuse of your creativity.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: One Dog Woof

    On the side of the shoe we need a button to attach the strap. When buying the button, remember that we are making it for a baby. Don’t choose anything that could hurt you, that is sharp or rough. As for yarns, you can use a thicker one if you want a shoe for colder days, a thinner yarn for milder days. But remember that the result changes according to the yarn chosen, but you already know that. Now let’s crochet.

    The first stitch following a chain in each round is worked into the same stitch as the chain (chain does not count as a stitch). The baby mary janes pattern is available at One Dog Woof. Read it a first time, sort out the materials and then start crocheting. Was there any doubt? Ask us here in the comments. We will be very happy to have this exchange with you. If you want to learn something that I haven’t shown up here yet, let us know too. All ready? Let’s crochet!

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    Brody Baby Bottoms – Free Pattern

    Hey loves! How is your week going? Are you managing to take time to practice your crochet? In the rush of everyday life, we know it’s hard to take time to relax, but it’s very important. For those who have crocheting as a weekend hobby, how about separating Brody Baby Bottoms to train? This pattern is quite different. Although we have shared several models of baby clothes, I think this is the first time that pants appear here.

    Crochet ideas for babies are quite varied, and this craft work allows you to create countless different pieces for the universe of babies, bringing a lot of delicacy through pieces of clothing and accessories. Crochet pants are super cute options that bring comfort, which is essential for baby looks. They are soft, malleable pieces that do not restrict the baby’s movement.

    To make it comfortable, it is very important to pay attention to the size of the piece. See the size that the pattern brings, measure on your baby’s pieces and make the changes you think necessary. If it gets too big, I recommend you follow the same number of stitches as the pattern, don’t make it smaller. It will be wider, better than taking the risk of shortening it and not leaving the baby comfortable in the clothes.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Nicole Chase

    If it gets smaller, increase the number of stitches at the beginning, and follow the same instructions for the rest of the rounds, described in the pattern. Consider the diaper too. To keep the garment comfortable, you should choose a quality yarn. For babies, care such as anti-allergenic yarns, cotton yarns. Some yarns brands have specific lines, special for babies. If in doubt, always choose these, you can’t go wrong.

    As for the colors, you can make the pattern with the most varied colors. Some yarns, like the one used in this model, are already colored and have an exclusive design. The complete brody baby bottoms pattern is available from Nicole Chase. There you will find the step by step, the materials, abbreviations to understand the pattern. Read the pattern a first time before starting to crochet. You will see how small details like this make all the difference.

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    Center Cross Baby Blanket – Free Pattern

    Hi my loves! We are feeling that this week is going to be very productive. Are you guys liking what we’ve put together and tested so we can share it here with you? We always seek to vary, learn a little bit of everything and pieces for different occasions. Today we are going to learn how to make the Center Cross Baby Blanket. This blanket will make your little one even warmer and very cozy.

    The arrival of a baby in the family is something very remarkable. We always take a lot of cake to prepare the trousseau. One of the main items that cannot be missed at this moment is a blanket, to warm up and bring comfort to the little ones. A crochet baby blanket can be a good option. The piece is all crafted with delicacy from appropriate threads to not cause allergies. So, before starting your making, make sure that the thread is suitable for babies and choose the model, colors and stitches you want to create the piece your way, but in an easy way too.

    You can make the center cross baby blanket with two different colors. Just like the pattern. You can follow the same model or change the colors, do it with just one color. The stitches used are different, and that’s what makes the blanket even more delicate and unique. So even using the same color throughout the blanket, you will still be able to see the division. Let’s talk a little about the choice of yarn.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Nana’s Crafty Home

    The best threads are those 100% cotton, they can also be strings specific to a baby thread. Crochet threads are usually made of wool, cotton or acrylic. The choices between wool and cotton are the most favorable to avoid allergies in babies. For delicate blankets never use a thick string, always try the soft threads for a firmer and more pampering finish. Following the measurements instructed in the pattern, in the end you will have a blanket of approximately 35” square not including picot crown edge.

    If the idea is to cover the entire baby, it is possible to experiment with other cloths to be able to take the exact measurement and not run the risk of missing length or width in the piece. In Nana’s Crafty Home you will find the description of the entire pattern. Step by step, list of materials, abbreviations, tips and stitches. Tell us what you think, who you’re going to do it for and let’s crochet!

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    Sage Stitch Long Cardigan – Free Pattern

    Hey loves! Another week starting and we will be here every day to bring you a new pattern. We hope you can feel all our affection and dedication on the other side. We look for patterns that are always complete, with all the tips to guide you through the entire project. The Sage Stitch Long Cardigan is just like that. A super elegant piece that makes all the difference in your look and, believe me, it’s not hard to do.

    For those who follow the fashion world and love to follow fashion trends, you may have noticed that looks with crochet pieces are increasingly common, and one of the options is the long crochet cardigan. Whether for winter or summer, it is versatile and is a sure choice to complement the look. This piece is seen as an addition to the look, so in winter, you should wear it with a warmer piece underneath.

    Many people prefer more basic colors for these pieces, because they are easier to match and they look just as elegant. Whether the piece is black, white, grey, brown, beige, it will look amazing. The important thing is to never compromise on the quality of the materials you choose. As for sizes, in the pattern you will find six different sizes. With measurements, you can fit the best size for you.

    Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

    The height is the differential grid of this piece. So if you need a smaller measurement, but it’s not that tall, just don’t do all the rounds indicated for that size. It’s very simple to make the adjustments, you’ll see. The Sage Stitch Long Cardigan complete pattern is available at Yarspirations. The patterns are very complete, with abbreviations for you to understand what each one means, the measurements and the materials used.

    We always recommend that you read the entire pattern a first time before crocheting. We know that anxiety asks you to start crocheting soon, but read it first, you will see how it makes a difference. If you still have any doubts, let us know in the comments. Remember that you can always count on us, whether to give your opinion, ask questions or send us suggestions. Let’s crochet!

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