Sweet Tea Tank – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with us in another pattern. We are happy to know that we can count on you and know that, whenever you need a new model to learn, here you will find many news. Another week, another month and we’ll bring you the Sweet Tea Tank. This top is amazing, very beautiful, easy and quick to make.

Like some pieces that we already brought here, this is another model made with the crochet technique. The stitches of the pattern are not difficult to do and, if you still don’t know or have never crocheted, come learn with us. You can make the top the most varied colors and you can take the opportunity to combine different colors. How about making a colorful, striped top? It looks beautiful too, makes the look more cheerful.

You can do it with more classic colors too. You know that black piece that goes with pants, shorts, a skirt, a jacket, a blazer? This is the sweet tea tank. Despite looking basic, it looks perfect on the body, has a beautiful fit that makes everything more elegant. Much of this depends on the type of yarn you choose. There are so many options available that, if at the time you have doubts, you always have the suggestion that the designer left in the pattern.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Turtle Trunk

As for the length of the top, if you want to make a blouse longer, increase the number of rounds as far as you like. The measurements to make different sizes are in the pattern too, you can measure and see what fits you best. If you are thinking of gifting a dear friend with this piece, we are sure she will like it. Take the opportunity to do it with her favorite color, more guarantee of success.

You will find the sweet tea tank pattern in The Turtle Trunk. Read the pattern a first time, watch the video tutorial before starting to crochet. We are always a little anxious to get started, but it is worth “losing” this little time to clarify doubts that may arise. Then just choose the material and start crocheting!

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