Squared Diamond Granny Throw 

We can find on the internet various pattern and materials that can be used in crochet of various types and sizes both as needles and in different threads to make your crochet, today we have this facility of finding everything that we look for different from before. Formerly people used what they could to do works with their hands, hooks being of metal, of wood or even fishbone, bone of animal etc. 

And over time, a variety of crochet materials have been developed, as well as crochet stitches that have been increasing in variety and being perfected and invented new to be more useful. The crochet today was again used in decoration, clothes, carpets, burrows, in short, being very original. 

Today I bring a very beautiful pattern and that I found by chance surfing the internet, I really liked it for having a beautiful designer that looks like 3D being a square inside another as I left it in the photo above for all to see how that work is finished.

This pattern is called Squared Diamond Granny. This is a modern and fun pattern to do because you can use as many colors as you think beautiful and combine the tones or make a color degradation that is beautiful, anyway the way you prefer and leave as original as possible.

YARN: On the wire you can make this design with up to 5 colors. I like the regular Super Heart protector. The color yarn from outside will spend about 70z. The color yarn inside will spend half of it. The others depend on the size.

HOOK: About the size of the hook will depener of the person than this accustomed, I used in a quilt # 9 and 5.50 mm. You can use a “G” if you want larger stitch with a bulky yarn. More be flexible in the choice of hooks and do not worry because there is a perfect hook size, depends on what you want and like.

This pattern is flexible and can be made of various sizes, if you make a quilt it will take around 3 months or if you focus and stay always crocheting will end before this wonder. Below I leave the written patten of this gorgeous pattern, if you liked it, do not waste time and make and improve your skills. In the link you will find the pattern with all the step by step and the information with the colors and sizes of hooks. So if you like it, get your supplies and work.

Pattern Step by Step Free ☞ Squared Diamond Granny Throw 


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