Polish Star Crochet Stitch


Polish Star Crochet Stitch makes a very beautiful work suitable for beach wear, summer blouses, etc. It is a very beautiful item and is perfect for delicate and feminine pieces as well as other pieces. It is important to know a wide variety of stitches to leave our pieces with a different finish. So we can make pieces that we call unique because each one has its own characteristic and a lot of beauty, which is incredible.

The material must be chosen according to the work to be carried out, remember this well. All wool has in its description the size of the needles that must be used. A delicate and perfect point to make a baby blanket, blouse or whatever your creativity can imagine, which helps a lot. The artisan’s tip is to use a thicker thread for those who want to leave work with smaller holes.


Add your personal decoration to each work you do and this will make your piece even more interesting and much more beautiful. These different points give a very special touch to products made by hand and the crochet technique creates delicate and soft works suitable for the little ones.


The beauty of manual work is that we can learn wonderful news every day that make a difference in the finished product, which is incredible. Following the tutorial it is simple to make this point that is very well explained. This way you can start programming yourself to use it in many pieces that will be very beautiful and will be a great success for everyone.

Polish Star Crochet Stitch and can be used for other pieces. A beautiful spot that will give a special highlight to your craft work. Learning different points helps us to produce incredible pieces that are full of beauty and enchant. Crochet is a technique that allows for well-designed and delicate work and can be used in various ways in the decoration of your home, in addition to other things as well.

Using your creativity to compose colorful and different pieces, carpets and other pieces are wonderful and unique. This beautiful spot shared here has a simple but very beautiful air and will leave the environment full of refinement and delicacy. Works like this lead us to create elegant and different pieces showing all dedication when making our handicrafts.

Free Pattern Available: Polish Star Crochet Stitch 

Polish Star Crochet Stitch Video