Flying Geese Quilt


Good afternoon friends who accompany us here on our site, how are your craft projects? Prepared to learn a little more from this wonderful world today. I have news for all, plus a collection quilt pattern and I’m sure they’ll love it just like I loved it.

Today the project brought here is known as the traditional pattern method called Flying Geese. This pattern has a modern and geometric design consisting of loose triangles stitched together to form a wonderful work.


It is beautiful how simple triangles coming together in different ways, to different sides give a wonderful and modern result.

The good thing about this pattern is that we can do different shapes and different designs just by changing the way we sew the triangles, having several models to do something original the way you prefer and leaving your face and the best, being unique.


The imagination counts a lot on everything we do mainly in the area of ​​crafts, so I always say that is the boss, it is essential.