Crochet Phone Cozy - Cherry on Top


Have you ever thought about making a crochet case for your cell phone? This is the pattern we are going to teach you today. That’s why we love this craft so much. Crochet is a very versatile technique. You can make decoration items, blankets, clothes, bags and anything else your creativity allows. If you hadn’t thought about it yet, with this pattern it will be easier to exercise creativity.

Crochet phone cozy protects your phone. It’s easier to find in the bag, protects the screen from scratches and drops. It’s a small and quick piece to make. The case size is easy to change. Make sure that the entire cell phone is protected and the case covers the entire phone. Points are simple to make.


If you are a beginner and want to do more crochet pieces, this is a great option. The case is all made in simple stitches. You can make several cases in different colors, change the prints, add drawings, animals, whatever you prefer. The pattern available here has a lovely design of cherries, very delicate. You can choose to do with the same design as well. It will be beautiful.

A Crochet Phone Cozy

Crochet Phone Cozy Pattern

The pattern is made using purely double crochet stitches (US single crochet) in the round. The hook is a 4mm and some Sublime dk yarn I had left over from a previous project. You will start the pattern by making a chain a teensy bit shorter than the width of the bottom of your phone, you want it to be a snug fit.

Crochet Phone Cozy

It’s worth sliding your phone into the cosy now and again, as you progress, to ensure a good fit.  Keep crocheting until your cosy reaches the desired height. You will also need a tapestry needle to make the cherries.

The pattern designer let us the photos of the step by step to help us during the process. All this are available at Pink Milk. I bet you’ll love crocheting this piece. Now, it’s time to start crocheting!