Simple Crochet Royal Granny Shawl

Simple Crochet Royal Granny Shawl is the perfect type of piece to superimpose a look on cooler days, leaving the look warm and with a more charming touch. And although it looks like a super traditional piece, there are many shawl models that can be used in more classic looks, even more modern versions, which allow inspiring looks for young looks, the shawl may look difficult, but believe me, it’s easier than you think.

Among the shawl models, there are the most modern versions that have fringed finish, as is the case with modern styles. The triangular shawl has closed points and thin fringes all over the edge, leaving the simple model with more style and that enhances the look, since the tips give some movement to the look, so many beautiful shawl models, just know how to look.

Among the variations for the shawl, one of the ideas is this model, the Crochet Royal Granny Shawl, he is very sought after and always gives incredible results, you can even give your own personal touch to the shawl, which will leave you with your style.

image by: nicki’s homemade crafts

Free Pattern Available: Simple Crochet Royal Granny Shawl

The crochet shawl is an extremely versatile piece that has a wide variety of combinations and options. This variety will make you have fun wearing and making amazing combinations, play with the colors, choose your model and your personal touch to the piece, make it your face, the shawl can be made the way you want, and will give you beautiful and delicate results.

Whether in fall or winter, the shawl will look great in all styles and keep you warm. It’s a wild card for cold days that is worth having one piece (or more) in your wardrobe. Take a look at the beautiful tutorial we have set out to start making your Crochet Royal Granny Shawl, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with it.

Shawls are a good way to add a touch of class to an outfit. They can also be great gifts. Before you start crocheting a shawl, read about the basics of crochet to know what to expect. Once you know how to do this, making a shawl is a good project to keep you busy. After all crochet is an amazing technique that can serve as a hobby.

With just the basics we can do many cool things. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to make mistakes or risk even because we learn a lot from mistakes too.

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image by: nicki’s homemade crafts
image by: nicki’s homemade crafts
image by: nicki’s homemade crafts

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