Crochet Placemat Pattern – Color Block


A well-decorated table makes all the difference at mealtimes and to make those moments happier we brought you the Crochet Placemat. With the function of protecting the tablecloth or the furniture itself from food spills, this item guarantees more charm to the composition. Also, this handmade option adds more personality and beauty.

Whether to make the everyday table more beautiful or for special events, the placemat can make all the difference. You can choose colors and threads that match the rest of the decor, with the choice of glasses, plates and cutlery. In this pattern you can choose to make it with three colors, with two, or in one color.


You can make themed placemats to have friends over for special dinners. The table will look beautiful and very well decorated with few items. Just pay attention to the quality of the yarn you choose. Because it is a piece that will be used on the table, in meals, the risk of getting dirty is very easy. So, it has to be a thread that can withstand a few washes.

The most common crochet placemat is round. This pattern is rectangular, so you have space to arrange the cutlery and glasses together, without needing more pieces on the table. You can kit according to the number of seats at the table, 4, 6, 8 seats and so on. The pattern of this placemat has approximately the following measurements 13″x18″.


Size changes are also easy to make. If you have a smaller table, sometimes the size doesn’t fit the amount you need. Because it’s a rectangular pattern, it’s easier to delete or add rows. You can find the complete pattern available at Yarn and Chain, with the tips, information and step-by-step instructions needed to make the placemat.

It is always a pleasure for us to have you here to see new ideas and different patterns. We really like to read the opinions, what you think and how it was to make this craft. Feel free to leave any comments that we will follow up and bring to you here. Shall we crochet?