Crochet Flower Mandala on Leaf Base Pattern


Crochet Flower Mandala on Leaf Perfect base for making various pieces. A beautiful model that has a delicately beautiful effect. Any work done with this beautiful flower will give a special touch to the decoration and sophistication too, believe me. The delicacy of this square will leave your work amazingly beautiful and very delicate drawing attention for its unique beauty.

Beautiful and delicate it is a theme often used in the decoration of bedrooms or kitchens. It is the kind of piece that brightens up any environment and makes it cozy. By taking the lines you have at home you can do this work and make the most of it.


A beautiful and delicate flower in the middle of the leaves giving the work a delicate and elegant look, you can use it as you wish.


Comfortable and very beautiful is very easy to do. This craft technique is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the decoration and look of the house with comfort leaving everything very elegant and different.

A simple job, but one that has a worthwhile result. It can often be fun and interesting to make your living room, kitchen or bedroom cheerful and cozy.

This work has a very delicate design and a beautiful finish, you can do many things with it, such as a pillow or blanket.

This work will take patience, in fact all crochet work requires, but the result is worth it, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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