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    Smooth Tiles Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    Classic decor never goes out of style. This style has its origins in the details and refinement of Greek and Roman architecture. Its lines are elegant, sophisticated and rich. This type of decoration stands out for its details: plaster moldings, baseboards, carvings on the furniture (usually mahogany, walnut or cherry wood), fabrics used in pillows, wallpapers, showy curtains, etc. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Smooth Tiles Blanket.

    The classic decoration requires large and tall environments, since it includes large furniture and showy and ornate decorative pieces, but it is possible to adapt it to small environments, such as apartments, for example, which are the home of many today.

    In this case, it is important to be careful not to cause the impression of an even smaller environment, due to the large amount of details, patterns and dark colors of the furniture, as this will be worse.

    The most used material in kitchen countertops, washbasins and bathrooms is marble, in different colors, which gives you a wide variety of choice. On the floor, solid wood of various shades. On the ceiling, plaster relief drawings, often painted in gold and bronze tones.

    In the dorms, wooden beds with columns, with or without canopy, with flowing fabrics can be used. Stately, elegant and graceful armchairs and chairs. Classic bathrooms often have chairs like in social spaces, wallpaper and bronze details, such as taps, for example, which make the environment very beautiful. In the room, crystal pendant chandeliers with many details, a lot of brightness and even mirroring are common.

    Decorative pieces: porcelain, worked crystals, silver, frames with elaborate ornaments, large mirrors, pendant chandeliers, floral arrangements, among others, also very beautiful. Another characteristic of this style of decoration is symmetry, with decorative objects, and even the same furniture, in the same environment. Examples: pair of vases, corner tables, armchairs, etc.

    It is also common to seek symmetry with a composition of pictures, even with different frames and colors. Currently, this style of decoration is not used entirely in homes, as it would not be very functional today. What you see is a mix of more modern and contemporary elements (what can be called classic-modern style). In these situations, lighter colors like white, beige and raw are used, which are also amazing.

    Free Pattern Available: Smooth Tiles Blanket

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    Doily Alice Free Crochet Pattern

    Reclining chairs, also known as daddy’s armchair, are those ideal furniture for those who want to bring maximum comfort into the home. Found in different materials such as suede, chenille and leather recliner, this model of armchair can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and offices, everything depends on your needs and objectives for the environment. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Doily Alice.

    Many people wonder which is the best recliner and in fact there is no right answer, after all, each house has a style of decoration and its own needs that must be analyzed before making the decoration. But to choose the best armchair it is important to analyze some points such as size, design, material and even the price, because in the market it is possible to find cheap recliners of excellent quality.

    Daddy’s armchair is that piece of furniture that can be used in the bedroom, living room and office, and although not an indispensable piece of furniture, reclining chairs can bring greater comfort, sophistication and beauty to the decoration, which helps a lot and is incredible . So, here are our tips on how to choose the ideal recliners for your home.

    The first point to be analyzed when buying reclining chairs is the size of the furniture in relation to the environment where it will be used, so take the correct measurements of your space. The main tip here is to check the measurements of the closed and open armchair and it needs to be at least 20 cm away from other furniture in the room such as sofas, beds and shelves.

    It doesn’t matter if you chose leather, suede or linen recliners, but it is very important that they “talk” with the decor of the environment, so remember this well. It is necessary to remember that reclining chairs do not have so many models on the market, but to choose the one that has more to do with the style of your environment, observe some details such as finishes, colors and contours in the structure.

    Coasters, massager, magazine holder, automatic reclining are just some of the differentials that some reclining chairs have and that can be a great advantage for a complete environment, which will be great for you.

    Try to buy recliners with quality coverings that are pleasant to the touch, to provide you with more comfort. The suede recliners, for example, have a soft and pleasant touch, while the leather reclining chairs are of excellent quality

    Free Pattern Available: Doily Alice

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    Botanica Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    The glass can make up the decoration of the buildings in different ways. Whether in the structural part in the form of doors, windows and partitions or complementing the finish of different furniture in the house, office or commercial space. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Botanica Blanket.

    However, due to the variety of glasses on the market, it is normal for doubts to arise about which is the best model for the environment you want to decorate. And among so many options, today, we will get to know corrugated glass better.

    But, after all, what is corrugated glass? This and other questions will be answered throughout this content that we have separated for you. Get to know the characteristics of corrugated glass up close and discover how this type of glass can transform the decoration of your space. Get inspired by several projects that made use of corrugated glass!

    Corrugated glass is a model of printed glass obtained through the drawing of smooth glass, that is, throughout its manufacturing process, different heat exchanges occur at specific points on its surface that allow the appearance of “ripples” seen by the eye naked that we love so much.

    This relief and texture obtained from this heat exchange process is also known as cinnamon, hence the name corrugated glass, now you know where it comes from. Its classic design and undulations do not go unnoticed in the environment. In decoration, the corrugated glass in addition to inhibiting the direct entry of natural light, brings privacy to the space.

    In one of the projects we saw, we found that corrugated glass was used both for finishing cabinets and for the sliding door that separates the kitchen from the laundry area. Contrary to what many people think, there are several types of corrugated glass on the market, which gives you a great choice. This variation is provided by the different types of colors that the corrugated glass can take, which are: colorless, bronze and smoked corrugated glass.

    The versatility of corrugated glass is eye-catching, believe me. Therefore, it is not surprising that the different types of corrugated glass (colorless, bronze and smoked) can be used in various spaces of a property, whether composing the structures of a certain room serving as partitions, or even being part of the finishing of certain furniture such as, for example, kitchen cabinets made with corrugated glass doors, which are also very beautiful.

    In a simplified way, corrugated glass can be present in the form of integrated room dividers, in the structure of static or sliding doors and windows, in the bathroom stall, on storefronts and in the finishing of furniture such as multipurpose cabinet, glass cabinet, sideboard , buffet and closet, which helps a lot.

    Free Pattern Available: Botanica Blanket

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    Stars Tunisian Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    Many people, when it comes to decorating the house, think of using decorations that resemble a moment lived, or some specific place, and end up opting for thematic environments. Themed decoration is one that makes the house look like scenery. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Stars Tunisian Blanket.

    With the influence of Japan and China, this style seeks balance in every detail, in each element and texture, without exaggeration, maintaining the essentials in an incredible way. The environments generally give the feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

    The most used colors in this style are white, black and red, which can be combined in different ways, including with other colors, which is great. This type of thematic decoration can be combined with the other decoration styles.

    In Indonesia and Thailand, the style has the same principle of colors, but a little more rustic, using straw and rattan with natural woods, which gives an incredible touch.

    Elegance, subtle and delicate characteristics are a differential in the Thai design style that is very beautiful and incredible. In Indonesia, we can see a more native, colonial style, with noble woods, elegant for interiors and exteriors.

    This style can also be applied in the garden, as it is one of the most amazing and beautiful styles as well. It can be artificial or natural, as long as each element is in harmony.

    The rule in this style of decoration is: avoid exaggeration. Exaggerations in the decoration end up leaving it very overloaded, full of information which can end up in an uncomfortable and bad decoration, and that is not what we want.

    Free Crochet Patterns: Stars Tunisian Blanket 

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    Serina’s Ombre Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    Wallpaper is being used more and more as a coating instead of paint. We know that this type of covering is a great resource to give “that” touch of class, elegance and an impressive look in home decor. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Serina’s Ombre Blanket.

    It is very common for people to have doubts about where to apply the wallpaper, where they can and where it is not advisable to put this type of coating, so we brought this post to help you.

    The outdoor area is the champion in this doubt: will the sun or rain spoil the material? Know that, today, it is no longer necessary to worry about this, as the coatings are made with materials much more resistant than in the past, which is very good.

    An example is the “out system” paper, developed by a company specialized in wallpaper from Italy, which is a very beautiful option too. Two years ago, the Italian company Wall & Decò created an innovative wallpaper.

    It is made with a super resistant three-layer system: an appropriate adhesive, technical fabric and lastly a specific material to withstand any change in time and not spoil your decor. In this case, it is like that old saying “Make rain or shine”, it will be there, intact, needing only the daily care of cleaning and maintenance that are always necessary.

    Attention! Vinyl wallpaper is widely used, as it washable, but it does not withstand continuous exposure to moisture and the outside area is often wet, remember this. To use wallpaper in the decoration, it is important to carefully choose the color or pattern.

    Analyze which wallpaper you like best and fits the environment. Consult an architect specialized in external decorations with wallpaper and keep an eye out, to know when this “out system” product will arrive in Brazil.

    Free Pattern Available: Serina’s Ombre Blanket

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    After The Storm Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    The compaction of environments is increasingly common in new apartments. The bedrooms and living rooms are very small, making it difficult to decorate and install furniture. The kitchen also had a very small space. It seems that the standard of the bathroom, in these new properties, is that the space is as small as possible, considering only the existence of the essential items: washbasin, shower and toilet. In this post we will see more about it and we can make a beautiful After The Storm Baby Blanket.

    It even gives that feeling that there are no decoration alternatives to circumvent the lack of space, escape the standard and leave the house with “our face” which is what we want. Although the measures are reduced, restricting the possibilities a little, you can find solutions to sophisticate and highlight the environments of your home, even if it is a small apartment.

    A key tip for decorating small bathrooms is to use large mirrors, so keep that in mind. They can be with frames, from outside to outside or with a bisote (beveled edges that form a frame in the mirror itself), with or without lighting.

    The most important thing is that they occupy the largest possible area, remember this. The mirrors help to enlarge the environment and remove the feeling of tightness, since they have the effect of “duplicating” everything that is reflected in them.

    Precisely because it duplicates everything, it is important to be very careful with the type of coating that will be used in the environment, especially on the walls, pay attention to this detail. If you choose to use tiles with a very strong pattern, or too repetitive, for example, Portuguese tiles, it can feel labyrinth, claustrophobic, making staying in the environment uncomfortable.

    The ideal is to use soft materials and clean pattern, they help a lot. The cleaner, the better. In a small bathroom, it is better not to segment the environment too much, that is, not to use several different materials and divide by sector, for example, lozenges in the box, tile with details in the vase and cabinet with two parts (washbasin and cupboard).

    Creating niches is very interesting, as it helps to increase the area for storing things. Make niches next to the sink for everyday products and cosmetics, which are important items. Use a niche in the box for shampoos, soaps and moisturizers. The advantage of creating a niche in the box is that, as these spaces are very tight, you leave things “embedded” in the wall, avoiding bumping into soap dishes and external supports.

    Free Pattern Available: After The Storm Baby Blanket

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    Tutti Frutti Square Free Crochet Pattern

    The decoration is the most delicious part in the whole process of moving house, especially when you buy a property. Decorating the house is to create the personality of our corner, making it comfortable, elegant and cozy for us and for our future visits. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Tutti Frutti Square.

    A well decorated environment is the result of a lot of attention to detail, remember this. This will make all the difference in the decoration, not only in the internal areas, but also in the external areas.

    The outdoor area is the environment where we usually get together with family and friends when they come home, enjoying relaxing and fun moments.

    Little care also counts and a lot, you can believe, for example, knowing what type of coating is right for each environment and what are the precautions that you should take with each one of them.

    Image By: M and M

    There are several types of coverings that can be used in the decoration of the external areas of your home, in different colors, textures, types of application and also with a durability that varies according to each one of them.

    The most important thing is to know how you want to characterize that environment, for example, more modern and sophisticated or more fun, to choose the right coating model that will satisfy you. The most used coatings are textured mass, stones, wall stickers, tiles, tiles, panels and wallpapers.

    Generally, tiles and tablets are used in the decoration of the barbecue area (kitchen), pool area (bathroom, shower and sauna) and in the laundry room, precisely because these environments are the most conducive to accumulate fat on the walls and for these two materials are easy to clean, which helps a lot.

    The textured mass or mortar, on the other hand, is ideal for walls with irregularities in the mass, as it replaces the thin mass and the finished painting, in addition to protecting against water, which is great.

    The textured mass still allows you to use the type of texture you want, being able to use your creativity and choose how to leave your external area with your “face”.

    It can be applied to painted, concrete, wood and metal walls, using a roller or compressor. This type of coating is welcome in any environment of your home, not only outdoors, since it has a wide variety of textures and is very flexible, which is also great.

    Free Pattern Available: The Storm Baby Blanket

    Image By: M and M
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    Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

    The tropical style is warm, cheerful, vibrant and very Brazilian. Using a mixture of green with strong colors (red, yellow and orange, for example), we can compose prints that resemble the fauna and flora of the tropics and the exuberance and beauty of Brazil. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket.

    In this style it is possible to explore shapes, textures and colors with elements from the Brazilian roots, which makes the environment cheerful, full of life and very beautiful too. Despite the strong colors, it is possible to feel cozy in the environments, using natural textures on the carpets, curtains, panels and furniture. The materials used in tropical decoration are bamboo, ratan and banana fiber.

    An interesting proposal is to use pieces of tree trunk in furniture, for example, on the bases of coffee tables, covered with a glass top to give an incredible touch. Natural fiber armchairs and patterned upholstery also fit well. Natural fibers can be used in decorative objects, such as lighting fixtures, whether pendant, ceiling or floor.

    The ideal is to decorate just one room of the house in this style, with great patterned pillows, furniture, rugs and lamps made of natural materials to help.

    The prints can be of leaves, flowers and fruits, but care must be taken not to abuse and end up leaving the environment too loaded, after all a lot of heavy pattern repetition makes the space polluted which ends up destroying all the decoration you were trying to make .

    A suggestion is to keep the walls in white or in very light tones or pastels to be able to “abuse” the colors of the accessories, such as pillows, vases and paintings to decorate the environment. If so many colorful details are not used in the decoration, it is possible to bring the strong tones to the walls and work with more neutral accessories.

    In lighting, the more natural light the better, because if the idea is to send it to a tropical place, nothing better than a lot of sun and ventilation with the sound of foliage around. In this style, a cheerful atmosphere prevails, with a “holiday face”.

    Free Pattern Available: Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket

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    Beautiful Crochet Gloves – Patterns FREE

    In winter the clothes start to get heavier and also warmer, but in addition, crochet accessories become more common, after all, it is necessary to cover the hands, head and feet from the cold. For those who make handicrafts, some crochet recipes can be an outlet to keep warm, warm the family, give or sell. That’s why we’ve brought you amazing crochet gloves ideas.

    As much as they are accessories, they can also compose a different look, fun or even luxurious and elegant. Besides, of course, when you wake up too early to go to work, the glove will be important to warm your hands and at the same time compose your look, leaving it even more charming.

    The crochet gloves are very practical, as in addition to warming your hands, they do not interfere with the work, whatever it may be. With creativity and imagination your own ideas can emerge, so go ahead and if you prefer, put a detail in your glove. It can be satin ribbon, a very small flower made from crochet, pearl details and many others that will make you happy.

    Crochet Gloves for Kids – Yarnspirations

    Crochet Gloves Ideas

    Less than a whole skein of wool is used for the confection of crochet gloves. The stitch used can be the closed one, without major details, this way the hands will be even more protected. The variety of this type of handcraft is immeasurable. There are models with and without fingers, male, for children with little animal details.

    The line and point chosen vary depending on the pattern you want to make. But feel free to make the variations you want to make them your personality.

    Check out the patterns we’ve selected for you and start making models to warm up the whole family!

    Men’s Gloves – Linda Dean Crochet
    Tunisian Gloves – Yarnspirations
    Kids Gloves – Yarnspiration
    Colorful Gloves – Yarnspiration
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    Divine Crochet Angel Pattern FREE

    It’s impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful crochet artwork that is the latest fashion around here.

    Of Japanese origin, amigurumi is a craft technique that is capable of creating several animals, as well as stars, flowers, dolls, among many other things, using a few materials. You can create for yourself, for your children. I’m sure everybody will love your divine crochet angel. Besides being a great opportunity for you to sell to friends and neighbors. Whatever the purpose, it pays to learn to make an amigurumi.

    Usually made with cotton thread, the amigurumis can have the most varied colors and shapes. But they have some features that makes them unmistakable. The animals usually have spherical and cylindrical shapes. Another feature is the large head and eyes, shown in relation to the rest of the body. The amigurumis are also short, their size varies between 10 and 30 centimeters.

    Divine Crochet Angels – Image/Patterns

    How To Do It

    At first glance, this technique seems difficult and perhaps frightens beginners. It’s actually important to have some knitting knowledge before you start, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make an amigurumi. The recipe for success is persistence and dedication, even if you start from scratch.

    To start making an amigurumi, you need to know how to choose the best materials for this job. Basically, you will only need thread, needles and acrylic filler. Some other additional materials needed are scissors, measuring tape, buttons, felt and glue to give a final finish.

    Christmas Bears – Pattern FREE

    Amigurumi are like that: cute, colorful and full of possibilities. To bring these angels to life you’ll just need a dose of dedication and creativity. If you’re looking for an absolutely adorable Christmas celebration companion, this angel amigurumi it’s perfect!

    Check the pattern in PDF and make divine crochet angels for friends and family!!

    Christmas Angel – Pattern FREE
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    Dress From Crocheted Motifs -Pdf Free

    With all certainty the long crochet dress is one of the crochet pieces that are with everything and revolutioning in the fashion world.

    And even the famous have come to wear beautiful looks made in crochet. Mostly, the long models are the ones that most please women.

    And if you analyze the great crocheters has made more long dresses in that year of 2019, one of the proposals for the countries that are warmer.

    It’s starting with a piece with distinctive and gorgeous dots, the long crochet dress is a good idea for you who never did a piece of that.

    For those who are still in doubt how to make a beautiful long crochet dress, as a hint of look and which models are on the high in that month of June.

    We have separated some models that you will love, inspirations of looks, with free patterns and PDF for those who want to make their beautiful long crochet dress.


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    Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet

    Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet, very beautiful and that can be used in different types of work that many will love, such as bedspreads, table runners, blouses, etc. This type of work has attracted attention nowadays for its beauty and its versatility that helps us a lot. This is a crochet that can be done easily and that when joining the pieces gives a very beautiful result.

    This type of work is highly valued because it requires dedication and patience when making the pieces, keep this in mind, the effort is worth it. This recipe is simple and has a very beautiful result from this incredible square. It is worth investing in pieces like this to compose your products for sale.

    These pieces with colorful and delicate details draws attention for their beauty and delicacy that appeals to many and always gives a special touch to everything. The blankets and quilts made of squares are increasingly attracting attention for their beauty and making a huge success in the sales of handicrafts today, and you can see why.

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    Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet

    Pattern/Available/Images: The Lavender Chair


    Worsted Weight Yarn (Red Heart with Love)

    • Light Grey (50 yards)
    • Lettuce (100 yards)
    • Lilac (75 yards)

    J 6.00mm Crochet Hook

    Yarn Needle



    12″ x 12″




    8 Hdc = Approx 3″


    Slip Stitch (SS) – Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Pull through stitch and loop.

    Chain (Ch) – Yarn over. Pull through loop.

    Single Crochet (Sc) – Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Half Double Crochet (Hdc) – Yarn over. Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over.  Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 3 loops.

    Double Crochet (Dc) – Yarn over. Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Front Post Double Crochet (Fpdc) – Yarn over. Insert hook from back to front around the stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Back Post Double Crochet (Bpdc) – Yarn over. Insert hook from front to back around the stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Treble (Tr) – Yarn over 2 times. Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Double Treble (Dtr) – Yarn over 3 times. Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

    Our Crew Opinion About This Piece

    The Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet can help you compose incredible pieces and make wonderful creations. This Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet is very colorful and stylish, you’ll love the finished piece, i’m sure you will !! Then let’s make this incredible Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet !!

    So, do you want to make this wonderful Vitis Vinifera Square Crochet? So get your tools, your stuff and leave everything separate, that way you won’t have any problems, just follow the tutorial and make this beautiful square that will provide you with amazing pieces !! We appreciate your visit on our website, we are sure that you will love it.

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