Step On – Crochet Socks Pattern

Hi! Good to see you here to learn another crochet pattern, the Step On. Nothing better than a warm and comfortable sock to snuggle up in the winter. That’s the idea of ​​crochet socks. They are thicker than the most common socks and therefore, you will not always be able to wear them with a shoe. But it’s a great option to rest at home, with your feet up along with a good hot drink.

Just talking about it made me want to put my socks on and rest. The pattern is not difficult and is mostly single crocheted using a short roll heel. The pattern sock size should fit 23 to 25 cm feet. The ankle can be made any height you prefer. I prefer longer socks that cover the entire ankle. Socks can be very stylish too, so feel free to explore your creativity.

Make colorful socks, add pom poms, crochet flowers. If you are adept at embroidery, you can make new designs. You can make socks to give as gifts to friends too, after all, there is no one who doesn’t like a soft sock to rest their feet at the end of the day. If you already have a little practice in crocheting, you can adapt the same pattern to different sizes, for children and babies.

Step On – Crochet Socks

Step On Pattern Notes

Some notes are important to know and understand before starting to crochet. We leave them for you below. The yarns and threads chosen interfere with the size and performance of the work. If you choose thinner lines, you will get a more delicate result.

  • This pattern uses US crochet terms (UK equivalents are given in brackets in the abbreviations list);
  • Numbers at the end of a row / round indicate the number of stitches in that row / round and are only given at the start of a section or where there is a change;
  • Turning chains to not count as stitches;
  • Instructions written after * asterisks should be repeated as indicated;
  • Instructions in [square brackets] should be repeated the specific number of times stated.

We really like having you here learning different patterns, make new crafts. Take this time for yourself and take the opportunity to exercise creativity. We are always looking for the most complete patterns to bring here and this one is available at Dora Does, with yarn suggestions, needles and important tips for making The Step On socks.

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