Poncho Granny Pattern

Learn how to Make the Crochet Poncho Pattern

The crochet is so perfect that we can make many different pieces through a stitch, a pattern. Our imagination counts a lot because we can use the points of different shapes and different pieces that you want to do and imagine. Another free pattern for all to upgrade and have more skills. As crochet looks beautiful in all ages and sizes of crochet pieces, today’s pattern is a crochet poncho made for children, a beautiful work that makes a difference in clothing, can be worn over blouses, jackets getting beautiful for the days of cold getting warmer and super trendy and cute.

This granny point for example can be made several different parts with it. In the case of this post, we will make a poncho from the granny stitch that is made in crochet. If it is to do for children it is interesting to choose a yarn of soft wool to not irritate the skin or give allergies. To know how to make this pattern continue reading and enjoy the pattern free

Choice of Colors

In order to choose the colors of a job, it is necessary to think about what you are going to do in a part. In that case it will be a poncho so we should see for who it would be. If it is to do for yourself choose the colors that suit you, a tip is to choose vibrant colors and winter with darker colors. If it is for children it is recommended colors referring to sex and more cheerful, colorful colors and for babies lighter colors, lighter giving that air of comfort, cheerful and delicate. You can make the whole piece of a color or make nice combinations of color, tone on tone or color, which you find more beautiful because each one has a way that he prefers.

Necessary materials

  • Wool yarn 150-200g DK (can use yarn stash)
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Sewing needle you prefer

Points explained

 – Chain Stitch (CH) – thread the wire around the hook at the back and pull the new wire through the loop on its hook.
– Double Crochet (DC) – Thread the wire through the hook and make 2 loops.
– Treble Crochet (TR) – Thread the cord around the hook on the back and place the hook on the work and pull the wire back giving 3 loops on the hook, then wrap 2 loops on the hook and thread the hook on 2 hooks .
– Slip Stitch (SS) – Put the hook at work, thread the thread and sew the hook.

Step by step

I hope you enjoy the instructions and the step by step and do a wonderful job.

– CH 72 and join SS (check that the chain is not twisted)
– CH 3 and work a TR in the following 2 points. *** Skip one point, CH 1 and work one TR on the next 3. Repeat from *** SK1, CH1 and SS to participate. (You must have 18 clusters of TR’s and 18 spaces)
– SS 2 points for the first space CH, CH 3 and work 2 x TR’s for the same space. In the next space CH and work 3 x TR’s) repeat 6 more times the instruction that is between parentheses, so it will be 8 clusters in total at the end. In the next space CH 3 x TR’s, 3 x CH and 3 x TR’s. (Jump to the next space CH and work 3 x TR’s) Repeat to end and SS to enter. You will now have 8 clusters and a point.
– Now do each round, working 3 x TR in each space of the chain, but at each point work 3 X TR’s, 3 x CH, 3 x TR’s make the point in another 15 rounds.
– To finish the part of the neckline join the wire in the space CH and CH 2, work 2 x DC’s in the same space. And then work 3 x DC’s in each CH and SS space to finish the job.
– If you want you can add tassels by cutting 3 x 5 “lengths of yarn to make, then hold them together and fold them in half, pass the hook through the CH space on the inside line and pull the yarn through the loop with the gain.

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