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Learn how to make crochet bag pattern free

Crochet is used in everything, everything that the imagination commands because the variation is great. Today the free crochet pattern I bring is different, one of the crochet items that is a great grocery bag for sustainability that does not use plastic or paper bags. There are various sizes as you can use for market bags or water bottle bag.

You can take it everywhere you go, because it is practical and fabric. The day-to-day running routine is so busy and with that we leave only the things that we do good and we distract ourselves.Crochet is one of the best known hobbies and has several benefits such as: awaken the creative side, avoiding wear and stress, offering a time of pleasure keeping the brain active doing it with, in short there are many health benefits that crochet makes possible. To learn more about the pattern continue reading.


Yarn: acrylic weight Worsted
Sample: Red Heart Super Saver
Needle: Which one to choose
Size: 10 “tall (or desired length) x 5” wide


The pattern starts at the bottom of the bag.

1. With the hook and the thread, ch 36, put in the last chain of the thread to join in a circle. Check that the chain is not twisted.

2. Ch 2, hdc at each point at the end of the round, pbx to join.

3-4. Ch 2, * FPDC around the following post done, BPDC around the next post *, repeat this until the end of the round, st to enter.

5. Bottom full. * Draw 5 sts, sts on next stitch *, repeat until end of stroke. At the last pbx of the repetition is done in the first 5 bp space of the round. There are 12 laps. You can change the color if you wish.

6. * ch 5, sc in the next loop *, repeat this until the end of the rou

nd. Keep repeating until the bag is 10 “long or reach the desired length, it is at your will.

7. Ch 5, pbx in the following loop. Ch 2, 2dc in the same loop, do 3dc in each loop until the end of the round, pbx in the beginning ch 2 to join. You can change the color to go to the upper range if you wish.

8. Ch 2, * dc2tog, dc *, repeat to the end and make pbx to join.

9. Ch 1, * sc2tog, sc *, repeat until the end of the round, with the pot to join. (16)

10. This step creates the hanger / loop. Ch 26, work 3 sts on last row of sack and put 2 sts on sack. Ch 1, turn to work in jail. Do Sc in each chain. Sl st in a st at the base of the chain. Finish the bag and secure the bag handle to finish.

I hope you like this pattern, it’s easy to do so enjoy and practice more to improve your skills. Share with your friends and make beautiful patterns. Good work and until the next project. If you want other beautiful patterns like this there are the Elements Cal Crochet and also the well-known Shell Stitch Crochet. Access and train to increase skills.

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